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Racing Ralphs wont inflate

By Logan - Posted on 29 January 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Need some help guys, I have some 26x2.25 Racing Ralphs, using DT X1800 Wheelset with Stans and am having some problems getting my new Racing Ralphs to inflate, I have been previously using Fat Alberts and I can take them off and on and they inflate easily, however the RR wont inflate at all. From what I can see the bead isnt sitting nicely against the edge of the rim and so wont hold air.

Any suggestions on how I can get them to inflate as I keen to use this tyre for racing and would prefere not to have to order a Crossmark or something else.

Have read around and looks like I might need to get a compresser to get them to inflate....anyone know where I could try this?


Hi Mate

You are more than welcome to bring your wheels around to my place and use my compressor. Should be a 30 second job.

I'll PM you my mob number.

To get mine to seal i first used a tube to get them to seal up, then removed the tube and the inner from the valve to get full air flow from the compressor

I had exactly the same problem. I got mine to inflate by using a compressor and slapping the tyre against the rim, working my way round, this pushes the bead to the rim and if all goes well up she goes. One took a minute but the other took me ten minutes of persistence, hope this helps.

Dylan aka LadyToast kindly helped me out this afternoon with the use of his compresser.

Cheers mate, much appreciated.


This question pops up alot. Dont people realise that all service sations have air compressors. 10 second job on your way to or from a ride or work!

Yep but most don't have adaptors to inflate presta valves at a service station.

are a $2 part from your Local Bike Shop. Usually made of brass with an O-ring to seal. Mavic ones for mavic valves don't have the O-ring, but seem to fit tight enough that sealing is not an issue.

A word to the wise re: the brass adapters: get the short one, so the little nodule in the centre of the air head depresses the Presta valve stem when you push it on, or you won't get the air in.

I carry a brass adapter in the tyre patch kit in my Camelbak for emergencies.

Also most now have that system where you key in the pressure and it releases the air slowly, hence why I have my own compressor Smiling

re: my own compressor, but it can still be done with that type of servo compressor. It just requires patience, persistence and A LOT of very concentrated soapy water. Sticking out tongue

stuff for replies sometimes ,it does make me wonder !!!

Trouble with most service station compressors is that they have a stupid digital display that one sets then plugs the hose into the tyre. These electronic ones are hopeless for sealing tyres as the inflate a bit, then wait, then inflate a bit more, etc. There are very few stations in our area (YMMV) that have a proper manual inflater.

Regarding the adapters, I've found the brass ones hopeless. Much better to get a proper presta fitting and somehow bodgy it onto a hose with a schrader valve on the end.

If looking for a compressor, the usual ones are pretty large and have put me off. I've recently discovered pancake compressors though which look a lot more portable. Do a quick Google. Think I saw Home Hardware advertising them but didn't look much further.

All that said, my LBS is 200m away and has an air hose hanging out the front for passing riders. Very nice Smiling

servo compressors that have the digital display, usually have a button that says "inflate flat tyre" which will give one big punch of air until there is some pressure and then it dribbles out in small bursts until fully inflated.

I have inflatted and tubeless tyre with a digital compressor at the servo, as mike the bike says you have to have one that has the " inflate flat tyre" button on it. Some have them some dont . It took longer to do because it only gives off about 5-10 seconds of air then stops. It was a PITA but I got there eventually

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