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Mont 24HR 2007

By Rob - Posted on 31 May 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 27 October, 2007 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Majura Pines
Meeting Point: 

NFI! Check the Official Mont 24 Hour Site.


Well... now you've gone and done it!


Reports? We've created a separate thread for reports. Please comment here (or in your blog, or in another event topic) on your experiences otherwise am sure the main thread will become overcrowded.

Image gallery is here - will be posting something soon I hope Smiling

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, Peter R, tienster, alchemist, davis_jnr, Buck, evan, Matt, Caro, Bruce, lorrie, Harry, ar_junkie, Steve 01, raving_hippo (16 riders)
Rob pikey Peter R tienster alchemist davis_jnr Buck evan Matt Caro Bruce lorrie Harry ar_junkie Steve 01 raving_hippo
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Rob 2007 Mont - Eat it up!
Buck My First Race

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Are you going in this Rob??

I have a 4 man team ready for the Scott 24hr, but the wife doesnt agree that 2 weekends away in one month is a good idea so i cant do both.
I like the idea of the hour glass lap format the scott has in mind (basically 2 x 17.5km loops with 2 a transition areas) so i want to give this a go, i have been in about 8 24hr races, all lots of fun, great atmosphere and always excellent tracks down in canberra.
Remember entries fill in fast so enter as soon as they open

Yup, ineed. We seem to have one team, but one would hope to be able to get another in. Or maybe we've got all the crazies with those that have already expressed a preference Eye-wink

Joined your site here recently but I havent ridden with you guys yet hope to get out there soonish.

I wanted to do this (mont) but I have been told to I can only do one or the other (scott) and I realy want to have a go at a solo 24hr race so I will be signing up for the scott 24hr - solo single speed if they let me out of the ward for the weekend.

Good luck! I've tried the solo single twice and have come to the conclusion I dont ride enough to be able to finish one (riding all the way through the night).

There will be a huge SS crowd at the Mont.

Serious training will be the order of the day for the next few months. The dirtworks got me back on a mountain bike after 15 years so the scott 24hr should get me fit again. Once I have a geared bike I will do some team events with you guys.

Hi alchemist!

well if YOU don't do enough riding then I don't know who would Smiling??

OK, Team NoBMoB is in:

Rob, Sam, Shaun, Gazza, Bruce, Caro

Any offers for NoBMoB 'B' - The Straglers? Or NoBMoB 'C' - Those That Dally? Eye-wink

Hiya Rob,

Put me down as a reserve.


your going to love it

tips -
1: get some good lights, not necessarily bright ones but ones that have a good battery life - 4-5hrs is good, make sure you have bar and helmet light - hid is best, then led, then halogen, get the best your budget allows
2: if you have a generator - take it, good for recharging phones, batteries, running lights at the campsite, boiling water, cooking dinner, etc
3: take lots of changes of clothes, you will do quite a few laps and its nice to start fresh
4: At night do double or triple laps, this gives you more sleep between laps and allows you to ride through the night, this will depend on your battery life though
5: get there on friday morning, setup camp, then do atleast one practice lap as a team, this will show you any obstacles, big hills etc, the first person riding will need to know this as the first lap is hectic and good to know which sections you can go harder to overtake so you dont get stuck in a trail of 30 riders on a 2k stretch of single track
6: if you have a spare bike take it, someone will most probably break something beyond repair so its good to have a spare bike for the team and also take whatever spares you have, derailers, chains, tyres etc
7: take your own water, generally water supplied at these events is not worth drinking
8: take a gazebo, tables/chairs etc to position in the middle of your camp area, will block the sun/rain and will give you a general meeting spot
9: take a set of walky talkies, leave one at base camp and one with whoever is out on the track, when you are 2 or 3km away from the end of the lap the rider radios in to advise of there arrival in 5-10mins or so, then the next rider gets to transition to start the next lap. this will save alot of hanging around at transition waiting for your turn, get a set that says it has a 5-7km range, so then realistically it will give you 2-3kms in the forrest
10: take as much food as you can, prices there will be expensive and probably wont be a good range
11: most importantly have fun


Hi Don,

Them's some nice tips... cheers Smiling

Although, you should know better than to say "hid is best" here Eye-wink OK - no flame wars in this thread please, but couldn't help myself. Have got some li-ions that will power my 4xCree XR-E for 9 hours, on full power, non-stop... erm... think that might do Laughing out loud However, MkII will be built soon and these will go on the bars. As you say, head and bar lights are good, esp. good if it's dusty where head lights can just reflect back off it all.

Will take a small inverter for anyone else needing to re-charge lights, gadgets, etc. Think we need to take organising off site or to another thread at least or this one might get mighty hectic!

lights are definateley a personal choice,
personally i like HID on the Handle bar (l-ion battery powers for 5.5hrs on full power) and led on the helmet (6hrs battery life)
but yes, no flame wars here please, get whatever you think is best for you


Evan I noticed you're in too, any more out there?


My arm could be twisted.Never done a 24hour something new to me.

but would love to come and have a go - Craig and Peter said they would too - and Liam is sitting on the fence...that would make a second team yes?
i could train really hard to get faster - and a new bike must help..

MEEE Smiling

Excellent! can we get a third?

looks like you have a team now 'roid girl'.

24hours of riding madness, cant wait!

interesting race....

Okay Christine. I will do this. But I will not consider myself one of those roid boys.

Would it be okay for me to slow down for some jumps and photo opportunities? Majura is just too good to pass up.

OK, summarising the above I gather we have the following:

Team 1, already entered I presume (do you have a team name?):

- Rob,
- Sam,
- Shaun,
- Gazza,
- Bruce,
- Caro.

Team 2 potentials not yet signed up (suggestions for name welcome, maybe "The NobMob Hard Yards" sorry Christine...):

- Evan,
- Matt,
- Steve,
- Christine,
- Tien,
- Liam (Ditty).

So two teams of six and an average of four hours riding time each, though I'm sure some would like more/less and it can all be balanced out to suit.

If team 2 is happy to go with that then PM me and confirm and I'll put the entry in. You'll need to include the following info for the entry:

- Full name,
- Date of birth,
- e-mail address,
- Contact phone number(s)
- MTBA licence number if you have one,
- T-Shirt size!


Yup - that's correct, Team 1 is simply 'NoBMoB'.

In the sponsors box I put, 'Visit'

2 teams... love it Smiling

NoBMoB?!?!? Team name selection is one of the most important parts of endurance racing (more important that lights and only slightly less important that the camp set up), surely you can do better than that. Pick some thing funny, a little blue or a subtle innuendo. Some favourites from years gone past

Pirates of the Kowan - Dead Man's Cranks (Last year the race was in Kowen Forest)
Once were Couriers
Lost in Transition
Does my bottom bracket look big in this
Accidental Stuntmen
The Secret Life of Arse!
Riders of Mass Destruction

Will PM you


suggested we be nobmob'd
i thought it was funny!

Ah... all those witty names... they are just so try hard Sticking out tongue

I figure no-one will have had this before so at least it's unique. Plus, we will have saved our humour for witty retorts when asked what it means Eye-wink

Just curious - why have you guys decided on the Mont 24 HR instead of the CORC run Scott 24 HR at Mt Stromlo on 13/14 October?

Me? I'm doing both. Sticking out tongue

Is in.


hehe, i like it

Much the muchness, in terms of technicality. Stromlo is rockier, and possibly, more dangerous in parts. In terms of the flow of the trails, I think Majura is more fun. Less hilly, and more varied in terrain features. I prefer Majura, but that's just me.

Paul, I met a guy from CORC, think his name was Russel, while everyone was doing a second lap at Stromlo. He was built like me but decked out in head to tail CORC lycra and both he and his partner pulled a pair of Scotts out of their car so I figured he was probably connected to CORC. Turns out he is, he was the guy that did there race timing software for them that I believe is now spreading to other events. Just wanted to let them know how much fun we were having and how much I thought we could benefit from a state government that supported our sport the way theirs did. One thing lead to another, get your mind out of the gutter Ditty, and we started talking about the upcoming 24hr.

Anyway, long and the short of it is that a very large percentage of it will be on the fire trails, don't remember if he said 45% or 65%. He also mentioned that alot of the more technical sections would be avoided. On a positive note I believe the course will be a figure 8 with the intersection being the transition area and will be lit. This way people can transition on the lap or half lap.

He did mention something about a map being up on the site, don't know if it is of the proposed race course or not.

All that said, I should imagine that alot of Majura would also be on FT to allow for passing opportunities. Aside from that I think it fair to say that those of us that made it to Majura on the Monday had more "fun" there than at Stromlo, taking nothing at all away from how good Stromlo is. Besides race central will be in a winery, does it get any better?

I'm just dirty that I won't be able to get another leave pass, although I was thinking of getting together a "Team Plod" for this event and not doing the Fling, but it seems the other "Plodders" I was thinking of have already teamed up.


~50% firetrail is pretty normal for an enduro, for marathons is even higher. Single track doesn't work very well when you try to put 100s let alone 1000s of people on it.


A few mates and I have been chatting to each other about the mont 24 hour, at the moment there are three of us that are thinking "maybe" and "what are we getting ourselves into?" interspersed by "are you friggin kiddin me?" the material in the rest of this thread is great! But the following questions are really due to our experience in these events - bugger all;
- Whats a ball park figure for a length of a loop of the course? This then dictates what sort of sleep pattern we can get but i know that the answers to this question is like asking how long is a ball of string?
- We are kind of half looking for another team member
- When do the entries shut?



first of all IMO 3 man team in a 24hr is pretty tough going. Alot of riding and not much sleeping, you could though stop altogether at say 11pm and then not do any more laps till the sun is back up at 5.30/6am. This will give you all a 6 or 7 hr sleep. I suggest you find a 4th member atleast.
Mont lap is about 12km i think, expect 50% single and 50% fire trail. It wont be technically challenging as its made to be a safe course as there first priority. You can expect 25-30mins for the fast guys per lap and 35-45 for most people, faster/slower depending on how hilly the course is.
I would say with a 3man team double laps would be the go, ride for 1hr 20 ish then rest for 2.5hrs, repeat as necessary.
At night you may do triple laps to increase the sleeping time between rides.
Take all the riding gear you have, you will use it.

Hey I wouldn't do the race without a fourth team member!


isnt it a minimum of 4 for the mont anyway?

Last year the lap was a touch over 20k's and lap times for your non-roid riders were 1hr 15 to 1 hr 30.

There was always someone slowing you down and there was always another rider up your clacker.

I think 4 is the least you would have and even then I would still have the break during the night.

Yup 4s & 6s only, but how did you think 24hr solo racing started? It would be kind of cool to see someone do it solo John Stamstad style

Yeah we just got a team together! Hey ditty - Clint is coming.


Hey Andrew, yes I was just speaking to him. Outstanding. It will be good to have him and Gary riding around. They are both pretty good. And he was telling me about the other riders in your team. Not bad mate. It will make for an interesting little duel. May the best team win!! Laughing out loud

Is anybody going to the Scott as I'd like to do another solo 24hr, and few familiar faces in the crowd is always good. I did the NZO and finished 2nd (25 laps) this year which surprised me, I actually think it was more amazing that my wife stayed awake that long to feed, water, rub and encourage me.

I'm there too. A good warm up for the Mont Eye-wink

I could be tempted to do the scott 24hr. Solo you say John, hmmmm that would mean massive amounts of training, dont know about that, will get back to you later.

oh bugger! I'm in d^$^% s^&*& now i might need to start exercising now. Whatever happens it will be great time by all. I think a beer or two (okay maybe just one) is called for on the day.

Good luck to everyone going up to Coffs - I hope the track is as dry as it can be!


Yes I am Andrew. I am always competitive.

I wasn't expecting too many to do it solo, but it is a lot more fun than it sounds, if you do a team ride at least I can say hello as you whisk by me.
Any bike ride sounds bloody good to me at the moment, 1 month 2 days and 3 minutes since I broke my hand

your counting the minutes, things can only get better from here John! Atleast you picked a good time to injure yourself, dont think any of us have done much riding in the last month. What sort of distances do you train over in prep for a solo 24hr race?

But I tried to do some riding every day even if it was half an hour flat out. I did between 30 to 90 min after work mostly mtb, then 73km road ride Saturday morning and then whatever mtb I felt like on Sunday 30-60km. Also I did the short version of my Wollongong ride from Penrith and back 220km 3 weeks before the race, it was my 1st 24hr. I rode for 21h 15m with my longest stop being 10mins at which point I could hardly change gears, my left hand sort of stopped working. So there's room for improvement, next time 24hrs NO STOPS if I say this often enough I WILL do it.
Sanity not required John

If I can get enough km done over the next couple of months I could be very tempted to give it a shot. It would be very interesting to see just how far I could push myself.
Stupid is as stupid does!

There is a rumour that the following names are making up team number three. Could all listed please respond as I belive time is running out to enter.


I,m in.


I was contemplating this instead of the Fling but its not looking promising. Sorry

NoBMoB Monties! (Team, if you can think of a better name I'm all ears)

Frank (Tentative)

Lisa (first reserve)

See you all this Friday night at the St Leonards pre race dinner (see post)I think?


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