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Husky 100 entries open

By ps - Posted on 15 February 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Not sure if anyone has posted this but the entries for the Husky race in June are now open. Great singletrack and no major hills so about as much fun as you can have in a 100k race (just don't mention the puddles).

Loved this race last year, and will be there again in June.

See you down there......

Gonna try and do the Real Enduro Series, already entered for 2 of them and have intentions of doing Fling and Angry Doc as well so yeah.

I may do the 50km entry as that is about my limit of my fitness. I checked out the site and couldn't see a mapped route. Is there one? Does anyone have a mapped recording of last years event?

Here you go:

I did the 50 last year, but am having a go at the 100 this year.

Was the other half of the 100 any different to the bit that we soft buggers in the 50 did? Any extra bog holes? Smiling

Cheers for the map, Im wondering what the 50k loop was.

Looks pretty flat really, I looked at the Stage profiles early today and yeah not huge amounts of climbing. Fling last year had 2500m I think.

No big climbs, not a huge amount of altitude.

I've been practising building bridges - although they're only about 4 inches wide so practice your plank skills. But we will be providing a few alternate routes for the deeper ones this year (if they're still there). Shallow ones - you're on your own! (ie if our course setting instrument known as wrex can make it through without swimming (he's only a blue heeler) then no bridge or alternate route around.

anyone actually know what the start time would be for the 100km and the 50km?

Last year the 100 started at 7:30am and the 50 at 9am.

Signed up for the 50, cheers.

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