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visit to Canberra/Mt Stromlo

By beanie - Posted on 22 February 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone have advice on which tracks that should not be missed at Mt Stromlo? Any nice combinations of tracks? Or other things to keep in mind?

I've never been riding there before, but will be going to Canberra Sunday and Monday and don't want to waste my time so was hoping for some good advice! Thanks


I think the 'not to be missed' trail is called Skyline or something... I'm sure someone who actually knows will be along later to correct this Eye-wink

Here's a lap from the '09 Scott which I seem to recall was a lot of fun:

And both laps from the year before back to back:

Ride all this and you can't go far wrong Smiling

Don't miss the Luge

has all info needed-trails can be mixed'n'matched-but do "Wedgetail" on western side.

Best person to contact is Morgan he is a local & can show you around down there if he is available . The tracks might be in need of maintenance with the rain they had, ppl down there ride just after the rain & don't let the tracks dry properly & ruin them , contact Morgan thru " The Berm " it's a Canberran site

if you are down there Sun and Monday why not ride all of them?? The trails have taken a beating lately with the rain, some tracks were closed in Jan so mybe jump onto the Mt Stromlo Park website or CORC to check which trails are worthy of riding at the moment. I really like Little Seymour, Skyline, Partyline... I liked the 2010 Scott course as a combo of trails. Keep away from cardic though unless you are fit as! otherwise take cockatoo to the top.

Why not go and visit Sparrow and Kowen if you have the time or want a change of scenery?

Sneak over to Bruce Ridge, I spent a week riding Canberra in Jan, as mentioned Stromlo was trashed by the rains, Sparrow was shortened to 12kms, Majura was fun but then someone put me onto Bruce Ridge - it was my favourite ride of the week and will be going back for sure.

Heading down to Canberra this weekend.

The intention WAS
Saturday AM - Two to three laps
Saturday PM - Two Laps

Sunday - One loop - 2 hours

Just read Mt Stromlo was cut up and not cut back. Any advice/status updates would be great


Stromlo was fine for the Capital Punishment ride last weekend.

If you are doing Sparrow you'll want to cross the road from the carpark and ride 100m towards Bungendore then jump the gate into Kowan Forest and ride the marked Mont track as well.

Thanks for reply - I will post up an update

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