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Tathra MTB Enduro

By barrababy - Posted on 05 March 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The course description, start times etc.... for the March 26-27 Tathra MTB Enduro will be posted on the event website this week. (

We've just been tied up finalising the new single track........

The great news is the Tathra single trail POO PONDS is now LEGAL. We have signed an historical agreement with the local Aboriginal Lands Council for dual use of the track. We were also successful in a grant application to the Mumbulla Foundation which has allowed us to work with the Lands Council and employ local indidgenous workers in the development of the track.

The result is fantastic. Course designer Andy Johnson and his crew have constructed over 9km of new single trail - which means we have 15km of trail in that area. That's more than double what was there. It also helps when you get a 1.7tonne excavator donated for two months. Gotta love Complete Hire - The most generous gift to a mountain bike club.

Now finished the track is looking and riding well......just in time for the March Enduro. Twelve new bridges, two new downhills. Some of it's fast and swoopy, some is tight and techy - but it's all great fun. Mother nature has also come to the party - we've had sunshine and rain to help us bed-in the new trails.

Those who have ridden Tathra's old Poo Ponds - won't recognise the trails - two new downhills, downhills that are ridden uphill - a super fast ridge run and new name. In recognition of the Indidgenous land owners the new trail set is called Doolagharl - meaning HairyMan or Yowie. Are they out there? Better come and find out.

We are a family friendly event with a 2km kids race, 10km prologue, 20k, 50k and 100k Sunday options.

We'll also be posting a new video of the single trail in the next two weeks and some photos - so you can see what you are info. Stay tuned.

I think the positives regarding trail building & access are starting to outweigh the negatives-things are starting to look up.

Fantastic news loved the poo trail and look forward to riding the new trail. The tathra community does so well in carving through the red tape...the last time i rode there i could see some serious earth had been moved. Cant make the event this year but it sounds like a great course, one that will feel like a journey rather than just making up the distance.

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