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Downloading and converting KMZ and KML files to Edge 305

By kiwiboy - Posted on 09 June 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

As a newbie to the world of GPS, I am looking to leverage anybody else's experiences.
the ride database has lots of cool rides, and there are many other resources that provide Google Earth, GPS and GPX files.
I have looked at Motion Based, and while there are some good trails on there, I am interested to know if it is possible to convert Google Earth files into a format that the Edge and Training Centre can import.
I looked at a number of utilities so far, but confess there is a somewhat bewildering array of these out there, none of which seem to quite get there.


If you find a ride you want to follow on MB it's easy - each activity has an export as CRS option. These load directly into the Edge and will guide your way. Although if you use MB Agent to load them into your Edge it only (well, last time I tried) loads one at a time. For more than that use the otherwise useless Training Centre S/W that it came with.

There's also a utility called 'GPS Babel' (I think a version of this actually comes with MB Agent) and another, 'GPX to CRS' that can help do just about anything with these files. Google these names and you're sure to find them.

Another option is to use Gmaps Pedometer to draw on maps, them take the GPX and change it to a CRS. Ah... actually the standard Google Maps now has the 'My Maps' tab where you can draw your own. In fact, I prefer the drawing method there, just it's not very fast.

Of course you can draw on Google Earth using the Path tool and do the same.

In that second option, as GEarth doesn't actually measure lines (durh!) I've written a small utility that will tell you the lengths of all paths inside KML/KMZ files.

Phew... too much info? Eye-wink

Just a bit puzzled. Are you suggesting that if I see a ride I like in GEarth, I should trace it as a path and then export?
Cos I cant see how to export a path to GPX or anything except KML or KMZ - do I need GEarth Plus?
Really, I am just being lazy - hoping I can take a KML or KMZ file and somehow wave the magic IT wand and it will whisk into the Edge.
I should be old enough to know better really Eye-wink

Erm... well, not really, but you could do that Eye-wink

If you draw a path and save that as a KMZ, then GPSBabel can then convert that to a GPX file. You can then convert that to a CRS with GPX to Course and upload that to your Edge.

Yes, Google Earth could do with a 'save to my Edge' button Eye-wink

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