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Sub 5 Hour 100k...depends which result you look at!

By Logan - Posted on 20 March 2011

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Capital Punishment 2011
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So 6 days on from Willo and looking for a sub 5 Hour for Capital Punishment.

Got to the start and no rain and a little bit chilly but apart from that all good, headed out in the 2nd wave and came across a roadie immediately struggling with the single track, dispatched him and continued through the nice singletrack of Kowen, once again really found my flow in the singletrack and managed to pick up some places. It was a bit wet in some of the singletrack which led to a off, unfortunatly the Racing Ralphs didnt cope to well with some of wet patches, however no major damage.

Worked with a couple of guys on the road to the first feed and then on to the paddocks which were pretty rubbish, I figured most people would be taking it easish through there and so pushed on to try and take advantage of what was a mentally draining part of the course. Got to the KOM and worked hard on that and climbed well. Hit the 54km feed station and my friend Mel was waiting with fresh bottles, within 2kms of the feed station a bottle jumped out of the cage and went under the back wheel, braking on impact, so was reduced to riding the remaining 45k's with one bottle and having to rely on the feed stations.

Rode with the same bloke that I rode with at Willo last week and we swapped off on the cyclepaths, saw Gav however he was to strong to stay with him once we hit Stromlo. The last 15k's was pretty hellish with the switchback climbs to get to the top of Stromlo, however the descent was brilliant and I was pinning it down the luge and managed to open up a decent gap which I held until the finish.

Overall I am pretty pleased with the result, officially a sub 5h for a '100k event" however as there was a large amount of untimed section it does feel somewhat false I guess. I am still pleased with the Garmin time of 5h13mins regardless. For me the placing is important, I finished in the top 10 percentile in open male, which I am really pleased with.

AROC put on a good event I thought, well run, well sign posted, could do without the paddocks but hey its a point to point course and unrealistic to think that it can be linked up with all singletrack for example, so I think they did a great job all in all. Would I do it again, yeah for sure and next time with the untimed sections I will aim for 4h30mins!

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again, good to see it all coming together!

I'd be very happy with that. Sounds like the Weather Gods smiled this year too. How was the new single track at Kowen? Can you elaborate?


great stuff logan ,you are going from strength to strength,whats this bagging out a roady for being slow on singletrack Eye-wink

It was nice, quite flowing and mostly under tree cover with exposed tree roots for example.

Also some nice switchbacks as well, I really enjoyed it, my only concern is that it the trails were not bedded in that well, so on Racing Ralph's they didn't hook up that well, however that could of been down to the fact I was running to high pressures maybe

Andy, good effort, not your fault they advertise a 100k race, make you ride 100k but only race for 90k of it.

Also, you need to put a crossmark on the front, they hookup through anything Eye-wink

Hi Andy,
Great effort and good time - I noticed you rode at an average HR of 91% of Max - Very impressive to go that hard for 5+ hours without cramping. Your training is paying off!
Was the section through Kowen on some of the new Mont course? You mentioned it was not very bedded in which makes me think it might have been. Impressions of that section, apart from needing more use?
Also on the Racing Ralph grip through there, what pressure were you running? (If you thought it may have been a bit hard).

At the presso in the evening they made mention of the fact the trails that were used were built for the Mont but won't be utilised as they have better trails apparently. Make of that what you will, the one thing I will say is that if they have better trails available for the Mont then they are gonna be excellent as I thought the singletrack was really good even if it hadn't of bedded in.

Was running 30psi on the front and 35psi on the back, starting to think I need to drop to 28 and 30 respectively.

Yeah I seem to be able to sit in that high zone for quite a long time, training is certaintly paying dividends.

They said it was built for the Mont but is 'spare' as they've decided to not include it in the final mont layout.

It had great flow but I had the same issue with front end traction, also caused by running 5 psi too high pressure. With the right pressure and a bit of bedding in it will be great. I'm really looking forward to the Mont track now

Great result Andy, and a ripper time to boot. That section around the airport is a bit average eh Eye-wink

I was running 34 in the front and 38 in the back so I could go quick on the tar sections (got to love a plan that didn't come together). I normally struggle to keep up on singletrack but consistently overtook people through that new section. Same story with the rest of the pine forest although I did drop back to my usual slow pace at stromlo. Funny how different tyres react to different pressures.

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