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Starting to figure out these 100k'ers

By tate - Posted on 20 March 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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I unexpectedly managed to grab a free ticket on friday from CB (generous Nobmob member) and headed down that afternoon a little unprepared. Given i hadn't had any time to gear up for it, the game plan was to simply treat it as a training ride. I find i learn something each time i race, and this one was no different.

With that in mind, I tried some different nutrition strategies. Turns out it worked a treat. Where i would normally be on the gas until i hit the wall at the 70km mark, this time i was able to carry it on right to the end. I averaged 180bpm (~90% max heart rate) which is normal for me, and unlike at the fling and dirtworks I didnt feel like "death warmed up" at the end!

Was pretty smooth sailing to the start of the untimed section, and was in a good bunch that included Dwight from Rockstar Racing. I took a welcomed break to refuel at the city crossing, but it wasnt too long before i was looking forward to hitting up some more trails. Once back in race mode, I tried to stick on Antsonline wheel after the untimed section, but the elastic band was just a bit long and it wasnt getting any smaller as we wrapped around the foot of black mountain.

I started the Mt Stromlo climb with Jenny Fay hot on my heels. I had been on the revlimiter trying to solo catch antsonline and some other guy who were working well together around the cork plantation and my efforts showed on the climb up to the observatory. It wasnt too long before Jenny and James Lamb caught and then dropped me like the proverbial. Once i was at the top it was just like I was back at the Scott 24h - fast flowing singletrack. I especially loved it when the single track freed up when the 100'kers split from the 50k'ers. I managed to catch Jenny halfway down the hill, but never saw James again.

It was a complete contrast to last year, i actually enjoyed it! I thought they could improve on the bit between black mountain and stromlo, including the bridge you had to walk across! Arrgh!


Damn elastic bands!
Always a bit stretchy!

Jenny did say she was riding with you a bit too. Sounds like a very nice fun ride y'all had!
James (Chops) does so much racing at Stromlo (all the 24hrs etc) he knows those descents very well.

A fun race - even though I was handicapped by some mechanicals (note to self - dont build a bike 12hrs before racing on it, something is bound to loosen!)

yeah, in hindsight i should have stuck with jenny from black mountain to stromlo. i thought id be able to catch up to you guys and when i realised i couldn't i had made a bit of a gap on her anyway so i just kept going.

pity about the slipping seatpost. still, it could have been worse - i sent my chain into the spokes at dirtworks and spent a good deal fishing it out.

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