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Much fun!

By ae93gti - Posted on 21 March 2011

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First "proper" race and had a ball.

Single track in Majura excellent fun, was riding with a mate until he dropped off but then when I stopped to change bottles*, which I really didn't want to do as I had passed a lot of folk through the forest, but obviously I had to cause there was lots of k's to go, he caught me up again and discovered why he'd dropped off, he'd broken his RD cable. Not happy. This was just before the untimed section so we head on up and into the untimed had a quick look and decided to push on as the cable wasn't long enough to just reattach. Just before getting back into the timed section we stuck a rock in the RD so that it was about middle at the back wrapped some duct tape and cable ties around it and off we went.

He was encouraging me to go on but I'd decided it was more fun riding with someone. I do have to say though, the determination shown made me look like a bit of a wuss. It's possible we might have both gone faster than if he'd had all his gears. He just powered up some of the hills at Black Mtn as did I where perhaps we may have just spun our way up. Amazing what you can do sometimes if you have too.

Uneventful to Stromlo, except for the completely mad pedalling he was having to do which was quite amusing for me, perhaps not so for him?

At this point I thought he might have a bit of a struggle getting up the hill only having the front 3 cogs to play with, but he was on a mission (again!) and for the most part I could not have gone any faster having another 24 gears. By this time though we were struggling, as was everyone, with riders in front and trying to pass.

Get to the top, coming back round the hill along the really fun fast track and all that excellent work comes undone when he has a big OTB. Just to make it worse the bloke behind him ends up on top of him. I'm another rider further back and don't actually see the crash but I see them lying there and think oh bugger. Worst injury seems to be a very sore shoulder, unable to move arm very far and a few minor scrapes. Not dislocated and not an obvious break.

He's in no shape to ride on, although does try but doesn't last long, so we walk to find a bit he can be collected. It was painful and slow as there were so many riders coming through and the track was narrow. He only had use of one arm so it was a struggle for him to get his bike out of the way. Eventually we make it to the container type bridge thingy and thankfully the firetrail below is big enough to get a vehicle up to collect him. I call the First Aid folk, pull the sling out of my bag stick it on him and wait for Graham (thanks!) to rock up in his jeep with trailer. I did hear it was a very uncomfortable (bumpy) trip down, but I had had a good rest, maybe 1/2 hour or so and was really looking forward to getting down the hill.

Ride over the bridge and then into the most fun bit of the whole day! Lordy that was fun, it probably worked for me having that rest cause I probably went faster than if I'd been a bit more tired. I think I managed to pass 5 or 6 folk on the Luge bit alone (they could hear me coming and would pull over, thanks folks Smiling) and then coming round on the tarmac before the finish I was flying, crossed the finish line and felt awesome with the rest of the crew there clapping away.

Sure my time might have been loads better, but then it might not have been so much fun either.

I'd like to say thanks to all the folk who asked if he was ok, partly why I really like this sport. There were a few folk who stopped and checked also. He doesn't think anything is broken but will have it checked, can't have been too bad as he didn't miss drinking beer at the local Thai restaurant that night, or perhaps that was the pain killers?

* hydro pack hadn't arrived from CRC after ordering over 2 weeks ago......

Awesome - I love hearing about 'first races' that a re full of events and problems, yet still get finished.

Well done. Sounds like you had a cracker time.

And to you to, it sounds like you had your share of small but time consuming issues too. Feeling stong at the end bodes well though.

If we'd thought about it we should have got him to ride his bike across the finish line to complete because as it turned out, we had already ridden 50km as we had a small detour on the untimed section......, don't ask how we didn't notice the arrow to the right, we honestly don't know. Apologies to the 5 or 6 folk who followed us also.

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