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Need to hit the gas harder

By jdb - Posted on 21 March 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Was an eventful first section for me yesterday, had the front tyre washout and also clipped a tree leading to an OTB. Racing Ralph tyres had no traction through the damp section of single track. After hitting the tree I had to stop and adjust the bars a couple of times. Luckily as I hit the road section to the first water stop I found a fast group to ride with. I only needed to stop for long enough to refill a bottle so left most of them behind at the stop.

Rode well through to the untimed section, really enjoyed the ride through majura. Took it too easy through the untimed section, cooled off and wasn't expecting the climb as soon as I got back into timing again. Took it easy through here until the bike path, after seeing an ambulance following me up the hill, and passing a rider that had a nasty crash.

From around 70km onwards the track felt deserted, couldn't find anyone to ride with through the road sections, was starting to get pretty bored. I was relieved when I caught my first glimpse of Stromlo, I was looking forward to the climb and then all the great single track. The 50km riders did a great job of moving to the side, luckily I had clear track after the climb to enjoy skyline. Coming to the start of Luge I thought someone must have crashed as there was heaps of people standing around blocking the track, after a slight pause got past them and continued on. They were waiting to watch the unicyclist ride luge. Most of the tracks used at Stromlo were the same as Rocky Trail, with the addition of Double Dissolution which I love, but hadn't riden since the '09 Scott.

I finished this race strong, apart from sore arms and shoulders. Having some issues with arm pump, testing out a Fox Terralogic fork in the next few weeks to find a better setup for upcoming races. For the next 100km race, I'm thinking of taking my heart rate of the main computer display, perhaps ignorance is bliss and I will push harder when I don't know what it is? I thought my average heart rate would have been 170+ as that is where it seemed to be every time I looked.

Next race is the Easter 24hr Champs, should be in for a good result.

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