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What mtb is all about

By daveh - Posted on 23 March 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Capital Punishment 2011
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I actually enjoyed Capital Punishment but I really should not have.

Why? I broke my saddle in the car-park before leaving the hotel (snapped both rails in front of the post and cracked the saddle from one side to the other - don't ask), arrived 15 minutes after the last rider had left (they had to take my number and the time manually as they had packed everything up already), a very kind stranger spent 10 minutes bodgying the saddle with cables ties and tape, I spent the next 10kms on and off the bike trying to get the saddle to stop slipping sideways leaving me sitting on the seat-post, gave up and rode 20-odd kms to transition standing but not before snapping my chain. A roll of tape and 10 cables ties later, I set off again but after about 5kms the saddle slipped to the side again, on and off the bike a few times before giving up on the saddle and it was seat-post or stand again. I chose standing. Another 15kms or so of standing into 54km transition where I was wondering if I would go on. Straight to the mechanic where to my absolute surprise lay a seat with my number on it! The kind stranger who helped me at the start had gone home, grabbed a saddle off one of his bikes, driven to transition and dropped it off for me. Ron Brent of Canberra, you are a legend. At Stromlo my tubeless tyre came off the rim sending my skidding down The Luge on my knees and forearms, leaving a healthy skin deposit. Lastly, 5kms from the finish the tube I put in deflated to around 15psi and would not inflate any further leaving a slow 5km ride down Stromlo to the finish line.

All in all a very bad day mechanically but I actually enjoyed myself. Why? Well, it's rare during a race that you get single-track as sweet as Kowan to yourself. Several times I thought forget it, I'm out, but I pushed on as I did not want a DNF. Besides the pain in my perineum and some tiring legs during the first 50kms due to all the standing I actually felt really good all day. I loved Stromlo, the climb was right up my alley, The Rollercoaster, Skyline, The Luge, etc., etc. I had a ball. And of course, lastly, some stranger going out of his way to make sure that I finished the race (again, thank you Ron Brent) - that is what being part of the mtb community is all about! I think my wife finally understands the camaraderie that I speak of.

I know that AROC coped flack for the Angry Doctor but I thought they organised a great race. Sure the untimed section was a bit sucky but I applaud them for linking up such great single-track. Will I be back? Definitely! Not only did I enjoy the day and like visiting Canberra and the great facilities it has to offer, as well as the the awesome tracks of Kowan, Majura and especially Stromlo, but I feel I have unfinished business and want to know how long it would really take me without all the issues! See you next year.

Just wow, what a great story as well and for Ron to lend you a saddle to finish, that is fantastic and yeah I dont think you would see that in any other sport. Great work on finishing and not giving up, I think I would of thrown in the towell as well at somepoint so congratulations.

now thats doin it tuff! well done Dave it was certainly all against you but you still made it to the end, your a winner Smiling

Well done, dude. Can't believe you stuck it out - that's mental toughness. I'd have given it away in the first few km without a functional saddle.

I laughed when I saw your profile:

What you ride
My hands and knees, shoulder, a couple of times on my head

That's a tops effort Dave. Hats off to you for finishing. And a big thumbs up for this Ron Brent chap.

I have to ask. You don't really think you can get away with not explaining how the seat broke, particularly if its an embarrassing story?

Yeah Dave we needs to know! Smiling

I'm also curious how you managed to fix the chain with gaffer tape and chewing gum

"it was seat-post or stand again. I chose standing."
I know you love your bike but I am glad you didn't take the relationship to the next level!
Good effort on finishing - tough day on the bike.
But cmon what was the deal with breaking the saddle or is this a story to be told after a couple of beers.

I don't have any beer, but would red wine do? Eye-wink

I have a few bottles spare that won't otherwise get drunk (not a drinker).

have seat problems.


Mmmm, not sure why it's squishing up the pic......, looks ok in preview, but you get the idea.


I bet to the good people at Fizik are hating that picture being splashed around.

Gordo came 3rd with a knackered saddle, incredible.

Thanks for the plaudits, I feel like a bit of a lame-ass seeing everyone's great time and also seeing Gordo's seat although he at least had some rails to sit on! What happened to the seat? Now that my shiny Gobi has just been delivered it's a little less raw. I won't go into the gory details but I will say that I am not a fan of roof-racks any longer.

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