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Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro Trainer

By daveh - Posted on 01 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone have any specific experience with this exact model and if not with one of the Cycleops fluid trainers? I'm aware of the difference between wind/magnetic/fluid/rim/wheel/etc. trainers and as this exact model in on for what seems like a really good deal and interested to know if it is a decent model. A lot of cheaper trainers simply don;t seem to have enough resistance or break too easily under load so wanted to make sure that this is ok on those fronts at least.

Daveh, Ive got a Cyclops fluid trainer, had it for prob 10 years. In short its awesome, however its got a slight leak now. Its tough, holds the bike steady, the resistance builds progressively as you push harder. Mind you I notice that it takes a little while prob (15mins) for the fluid to warm up, when it does it seems to kick in and has you working all the way.

As there is no coasting, and you need to apply power all the time, it makes for a fantastic workout. 30mins on the trainer is easily equiv to an hour or more on the road. Change down into a smaller cog, its like simulating a hill climb. The thing is strong enough to hold up to stand up cycling.

Downside, riding inside is dead beat boring. I have mine set up in front of the spare telly.

Oh one other thing, you tend to sweat like a bastard, make sure you use an old bike or clean up after, the salt from my sweat over the years has corroded the frame and front derailleur.

Ah and finally you need something to chock up the front wheel to make the bike level. I put a couple of folded up old towels down.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Tommy, exactly what I was after. The preference is definitely still to get out on the dirt or the road (in that order!) but I know that in the middle of winter when it is hammering with rain, cold and windy, riding to work at 5:30 AM is just plain miserable and sometimes a little dangerous so I just get the bus. At least this will get me up and doing something on those days.

I was told rig something up so that your bike does not get hammered with sweat, have a nice big fan nearby and possibly swap the wheel so that your tyre does not get worn out compared to the front. $349 on Torpedo7 seemed like a good deal so will be locking that in!

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