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Full Suspension 29er

By Tony_ - Posted on 04 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


I'm looking to buy a Full Suspension 29er. I've ridden the GT Sensor and Giant Anthem.
They are both great bikes and are both around $3000.

Are there any other bikes I should be looking at?
Does anyone have one of these? What do you think?



There are a couple of threads that mention the Anthem 29er you might like to check out:

Which XC dual suspension bike for under $3K?
2011 Stumpjumper 29er vs Rumblesfish II 29er

Have a look at the Rocky Mountain 29er. Rides real well.

Hard to go past the sensor at that price but Santa Cruz Tall boy if you have the extra cash...

go and see the lads at Drift. They have had specialized demo days in the past.

Ashfield cycles have a few Specialized bikes that they take out for demo rides.
I know one of them is a 29er Stumpy which is quite nice, no idea what the price is like on it though.

You're welcome to take my Anthem out for a spin if you want a second ride. Apparently Hadleys have them for $2850 at the moment which just seems like a bargain.

But from what you were saying Sat, you're more after trail bike style than race bike. A Trance 29er (if it existed) would probably be more like it.

I never looked at what was on offer in the 29er trail bike market but I believe there is a bit more choice than the 29er XC race bike sort of thing. I did consider the Epic 29er but Anthem won on value.

Hey - Jet Cycles on Clarence Street in the CBD have both the EPic and Stumpjumper 29ers in stock.
Both with carbon frames. Not really that much over budget either.

They are killer bikes and well worth looking at.

Yep, go and see Robbie at Drift. I took out the Specialized Epic S Works 29er on a demo ride a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away. It flies and munches up obstacles with ease. The thing that I rode was about $8000 worth of fun, but there are surely ranges down from that to suit all types of budgets.

A bit more expensive than the budget Specialized stuff, but Cranks at Chatswood can sort you out with the Niner of your choice and build it up nicely for you. I'm loving the Niner Jet9, but the RIP looks great if you want a bit more travel. Mind you, you won't want as much travel as you think you do with a 26er. I went from a Prophet to the Jet and don't miss the extra sus.

Drift have the Epic Comp (or at least they did a couple of months ago) which is $4k. I'd assume they also have the Stumpys which is probably more like what you are after. I think they also do some of the more boutique stuff like Niner, Pivot etc so they should be able to talk you through those options.

Happy to let you throw a leg over mine if you like. It's a great trail bike for the price. For me it was that or the Pivot 429 and the budget didn't go that far in the end.

I also rode the Anthem and enjoyed it but found the Trek more suited to my riding style. Took it to Mt Stromlo a few weeks ago and it proved itself both up and downhill.

Anyway, PM me if you fancy a test - providing the rain stops sometime soon.

Just finished my latest project, a Santa Cruz Tallboy (in XL) .... after comparing Specialized Epic, Giant Anthem x 29 and Niner Jet.

What helpd in the decision making was the rare chance to demo a Tallboy for 2-3 days in Canberra during my last trip there. I have since built this one up from scratch, using my favourite parts.

In the end it suited my my riding style the best...

I've found the Epic and Anthem "too racy", while they are great bikes, the forward, stretched-out riding position was too race oriented, I was after a more trail oriented bike. The Trek Rumble Fish, while a great looking bike, has more travel then I need, and is too close to the Spesh Enduro that I just sold. Now I just hope I can take the Tallboy for a shakedown ride before the Mont....

Santa Cruz Tallboy 29'er

Santa Cruz Tallboy 29'er Side

N+1 Santa Cruz Tallboy 29'er

Santa Cruz Tallboy 29'er Front

SC have just released an aluminum tallboy. that will reduce the cost a fair bit.

Edit: Beaten to it...

How many $ worth of bike are we looking at there?

Going off TBSM's $3700 for the frame only, I suspect not even in the same ballpark of cost as the bikes in the original post.

I suspect any of the boutique stuff is going to blow the budget.

Just figured out what that colour scheme combo of red and orange reminded me of... ruby red grapefruit. Smiling

One of my favourite desserts when lighty sprinkled with sugar.

/end random musing...

Nice bike! Should get a lot of attention on the weekend.

If purchased from the US, it would of cost far less, dunno where Hans got it from though.

I know I only paid $4600 USD inc Shipping for my Yeti ASR5C, while here they are $7000 in the Build I purchased.

Go to Adrian from Belrose Bicycles...he knows his way around Santa Cruz bikes; and can get you a decent deal, with good after sales service. Much better pricing than TBSM... and it almost makes bringing the frame in from the US yourself unneccessary, especially if you consider you get local warranty for a locally bought frame. Most of the other parts on this Tallboy were 'leftovers' from my other projects; or bought selectively online (Magura brakes, Talas 29er fork) when a good deal came up.

Jeff (Heckler) who also owns a Tallboy (and was kind enough to share his experiences), also made a good suggestion to stick with the proven 3x9 drive train rather than the latest XX or 10 speed, as you can pick up last years SRAM XO for a third of the price of the latest XX etc.

The other alternative is to go for a holiday in Colorado, Moab, Utah or elsewhere in the states (as others suggested), as complete bike builds are ridiculously cheap ($ 3 -4 K) and you can have a pretty nice holiday for the $ 3-4k savings and pick up a new bike in the process. Some people even ordered their bikes online and had it delivered to their hotel....noice!

Good luck with your selection.... look forward to seeing you on the trails Smiling

Rgds, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

now that's a killer suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Help. There have been some great looking bikes suggested but they are all over my budget.

I'll try to have a look at Drift on the weekend, but I'm still thinking the GT is the one.

the drift boys know all there is to know about the gt as well, ask them what they think about it. Robbie is a 29er rider now, he can speak to you with first hand experience

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