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Two Test Icicles

By Rob - Posted on 12 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Showing boundless enthusiasm, these two (Tim left, Travis right) carried on through the night when the rest of us wusses decided to hit the sack.

The real hero of our troupe was Vanessa who, after wanting to extract hubby Malcolm's fingernails after the first lap of her first mountain bike race ("WHAT have you got me into?? Sad )went out just as the rain started to mist lightly and slipped and slid around for an hour 50 in the mud and actually seemed to enjoy herself.

I don't think she'll believe Tim quite so readily about grippy trail conditions next time, though. Eye-wink

Yeah, absolutely - they were keen as. This picture was taken at 3:39AM and they seemed to have boundless energy and to be having a blast.

Yes - I still did it tough in the sleep stakes even though wasn't riding Eye-wink

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