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Music while riding speakers

By kazam - Posted on 23 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all Smiling

Just thought I'd ask you mtb'ers if you've come across any decent speakers for riding?

99% of the time I ride on my own and like to listen to music so I have used the Altec Orbital 207 with an mp3 player for about 2 years and its awesome quality and volume but unfortunetly its no longer made and the newer version looks way too big to carry on my handle bars

I prefer speaker to ear plugs so I can hear whats going on, bike,cars ect

any ideas / suggestions

what I use now the 207 link ...


i use head phones but there more like ear plugs fit right in the cannal three different sizes to chose from never fall out when riding & you get em from harvey norman/tandy/dick smith.. spend the buks & get good set for quality sound..sennhessier is the make i use

+1 for headphones. I have a set of the earhook type that clip over the ears with a soft silicone piece that goes in the ear canal, and are designed specifically for sport use. I can still hear perfectly well what's going on around me with them in my ears.

I don't wear them when riding though - part of the enjoyment of riding for me is the silence and the chance to get away from urban noise pollution. When I was up at Kiwarrak earlier in the week, I was surprised how far sound carries. I'm not sure how much other people would be happy to be learning about your musical tastes in that environment? Just a thought. Smiling

You can get clip on speakers and attach them to your backpack. Eg:

Someone was riding with something like this at Dirtworks a couple years back. Nice on-course entertainment Eye-wink

not sure other trails users may appreciate your taste in music,. go the headphones

Yep. Way too intrusive to have other peoples music blaring out. Respect your fellow riders and go the sports earphones.

Funny no-one seems to mind the Blowers going for hours or the Crush Cutters, Chainsaws, Motorbikes, Excavators, Dogs barking, Idiots yelling at each other even the odd gun shot.

But MUSIC OMG we can't have that!!

I ride alone and at odd times during the week so I'm not bothering anyone and if I do ride with others or near them i turn the music off thats just polite. So stop with the knocking just because you don't like something. I didn't ask IF I should use speakers or not.

Geez I would hate to ride where you ride. Sound loud and bloody awful. This is a forum mate. Don't post if you don't want other peoples opinions in response.

FWIW, I think most would prefer to do without the other noises too, if possible. However, the thread topic wasn't about them, it was about putting speakers on handlebars to play music in the forest. Smiling

One of the beauties of this forum from my perspective is this: if my question indicates I'm going to do something inappropriate or not so smart (and in the past it has), people tell me. That's not knocking. It's good advice.

It's what real mates do. I wouldn't have it any other way.

And as Forrest Gump would say "And that's all I've got to say about that." Smiling

relax buddy. just making a suggestion. nobody here is knocking you, i just think it's impolite to impose "things" onto others.

further to that last point, A knock would be something like. "why would you want shitty speakers on your handlebars, poor quality sound, more weight, chew power, fragile, that's just a stupid thing to do"

That would be a knock. Since that isn't what any of us have said, i think we can agree that there has been no knocking here today.

on the trails sometimes!!.It can be any thing from Frank Sinatra to Foo Fighters just depends what I here on radio getting to the trails.

Sinatra or Foo Fighters, probably more pleasant than my cursing to get my ass up to the top of the hill.

Yep, I still haven't cleaned Heart Rate Hill yet. It's a good 'un. Smiling

@kazam check this out

not sure if its available in Aus though.

@mikethebike great link thanks

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