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My new Specialized Carbon Comp 29er

By paulwhitfeld - Posted on 19 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

just wanted to share some pics of my new bike... this baby is sooo fast...

Very plush!!!

I am coveting.

I too have just coverted all over the place.

Makes my 29 hardtail look a little.... hardtaily.

Hi Paul

Congrats on the nice new bike ...the Epic Carbon was my nearest contender before I pulled the trigger on another 29'er.... The guys from Bikeminded are great and know their stuff...but I couldn't get the model I wanted due to delivery delays from the big S. Sad

BTW - a couple of MTB mates and I are planning a Blue Mountains ride on the 2nd of July....and we are looking for a bit of local knowledge. Let me know if you are you interested to join us / show us the local trails. I have to admit I got inspired by your pics from Hanging Rock and Baltzer lookout! The 29'ers should roll noicely on those firetrails....

Tallboy in XL
Santa Cruz Tallboy 29'er

Hi Hans, nice ride! love the colour!

would love to catch up for a ride with you fellas... free as a bird that Saturday...


Nice attention to detail. Like the cable housing.

That is a sweet looking bike.

Does anyone have any experience of the ability of carbon to cope when the inevitable crash happens?

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