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Cannondales 2012 Bikes

By Brian - Posted on 19 August 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Apparently this is cannondales next website with the 2012 line up

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Already had my greasy mitts on a scalpel 29er but that Flash 29 Ultimate looks rather nice!

how was the scalpel 29er?

But it looked really nice and felt pretty light for a full suss 29er.
I'll be getting the One when it comes out even if it means selling both my 26inch mtb's!
29ers are here to stay and an old boy like myself needs a full suspension for the tougher Marathons!

Chance for a ride yet? Which trails?

I wish!

They have put a admin password on the website least thats what FF is telling me.

They must of realised it was getting a lot of hits as it was also posted on other forums.

Yeah, I got hit up for a password and username also. Hmmm, I might go try admin/admin.

I would say that the "stg" indicates that it is a staging address for their new website to include 2012 models and someone forgot to password protect it in the first place. Nice to have a look at the new Scalpel 29er as it was one that I am also considering!

but would let me look at everything else!!!!

Some more pics of the Scalpel 29er

.... want Smiling

The official site is up

and if you want to go down memory lane they have all the catalogues since the 70's below

Preview Below


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