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2011 World Champs Danny Harts Insane Winning Run!

By nrthrnben - Posted on 05 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This run will go down in History


Heavy rain and mud
11 Second Gap!
Insane Wip at 2:16
The most enthusiastic Commentary ever!

Reminds me of Sam Hills 07 run!

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2012 should be a very closely contested season. Gwin's dominance this year should push riders in the off season. And Hart's performance yesterday demonstrates that the era of the new guys is definitely here.

Danny's run was awesome.
Whipping like that in a race run, in the wet shows either insane stupidity or extreme confidence...

Commentary was so much better when it was just Warner going nuts. Now days the other bloke sounds like he's just trying to mimick him and thus it gets a bit much.

What about Brosnan in the Juniors? His run was just after it started raining so the drum is it was probably a lot greasier on the track and his time was good enough to see him in second place in the elite.

The difference with Hart and Hill is that this time around everyone had 3 years to get use to the track, practiced in the wet and came down in the wet

Dannys run was special. Sams was something else again.

Would have put him second overall if he were in the elite DH Class, but it did rain heavier later on.

Next year he will be riding as an elite rider, is he the next Sam Hill?

Hopefully Sam's shoulder will be sweet for 2012 and they can both dominate.

Specialized vs Trek 2012 Smiling

I nearly had a heart attack when he did that whip!

I got an error saying user has removed video. Sad

Freecaster asked Youtube to shut it down(copyright), so that people will pay for the real thing.
Fair enough Sad

try this

here's a shot at Brycelands crash, can't believe he found his bike and finished the race

Same result ben Sad

They dont miss a beat do they, that ones gone now too!

Apparently SBS 2 will reshow some of thier coverage 9pm Thursday the 8th.

get on it.

Reminder set

Got it that time cheers, that was one hell of a crazy run!

Must see at the 12 minute mark - Watch Rob Warner and Pagey freaking out while they announce Danny Hart's winning run.

Watchin that run sends a rush of blood to the downstairs...


Shit where's a beer!

Warner, what a legend!

Saw that run replayed on SBS
And with the dullard commentating it was only half as exciting

awesome with the commentary box view.

... not shred his vocal cords! lol!


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