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New Skills Park and Tech Loop for Stromlo!

By nrthrnben - Posted on 07 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Today I joined program partners Capital Hotel Group, TREK, Onya Bike, cre8ive, Makin Trax and Canberra Off-Road Cyclists and Mountain bikers Ben Henderson and Ben Cory to officially open a new 2 kilometre test track known as The Playground.

The $60,000 Playground is a trail loop using new and existing trails and encompasses a wide range of mountain bike terrain. Features include jumps, drops, technical climbing and technical descending and caters for a range of skill levels. It will include a skills coaching area for clubs which will also serve as a guide for riders who are unsure of their level of ability.

While he was out there he also announced the Gravity Cup and All Mountain Cup will be held at Stromlo as part of the Mountain Bike Australia national series in February 2012.

The events to be held on successive weekends are the:

• Gravity Cup (downhill) on the weekend 4-5 February, and

• All Mountain Cup (cross country) on the weekend 11-12 February.

These events traditionally attract in excess of 300 entrants and up to 3,000 spectators. Additionally we expect these rounds will attract a large national and global audience.

My mate Jo and I are heading to Canberra on Saturday morning for a riding weekend. Now I'm looking forward to it even more. I know that I'll be totally crap at the skills stuff, but we'll have heaps of fun anyways Smiling
Might have to elbow a few super-skilled 12 y.o.'s outa our way Cool

Whats this All mountain cup about? sounds interesting.

Here's an SBS news article about the AM Cup etc.

So not a race for plebs then? looks like pro's only

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