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Which cassette?

By johnasutherland - Posted on 13 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Have a Yeti 575

Rear cassette has just given out with teeth shearing off etc etc. This is my first cassette replacement.

What matters when purchasing a new one? where's the best place to source?

Things I think I know already
Good to replace both cassette and chain at same time
doesn't matter if I have SRAM derailleur/shimano cassette
high-end stuff may wear quicker

DA/XTR Cassettes wear a lot better, however they are expensive and you would be advised to order one from overseas if you want one.

CRC or Wiggle would be the best place imo, I have just replaced my road and MTB cassette and it was fairly cheap. I also ordered Dura Ace Chains as well cause they are cheap and wear well.

E.g. standard Shimano 10 speed chain from a shop will set you back $60.00, or you can order a Dura Ace chain for $35 from CRC.

Wow teeth have sheared off!

I'd swap for like for like unless you have a heavy thing? What are you running now. I run a 11-32 XT, it's hard wearing and pretty light.

I'd say your LBS is a good place to start for a quick replacement, otherwise when you can wait a while then look online. Some good local ones are: Torpedo7 and Cycling Express. Further afield Chainreaction, JensonUSA, Wiggle and there was a decent one in France too, Dicko got a bargain on some forks

Just changed my cassette. Got a xt rear cassette for $60.00 from crc and its really nice. As far as im aware the sram stuff is also interchangeable with shimano. To be honest...i cant see the xtr being that much better and longer lasting that it warrants spending the extra money, i would rather have 3-4 xt cassettes over one xtr but i guess if your a serious weight weenine then go ahead.

Theres my 2 cents..

Def a new chain to go with the new cassette as well
or it will skip all over the place

If you haven't replaced any of the drive train components you'll need new chain rings when you fit the new chain. The worn profile on the old chain rings and the new chain won't play nice. May as well do the whole lot at once.

Well he did say that teeth came off his cassette, so it's reasonable to assume the chainrings are in just a bad condition?

I would replace the whole drive train.

For a 575 the weight advantages of a XTR are questionable over the value of a XT but I wouldn't go lower than that (SLX etc) for wear and weight.

If you're planning on going 11-34 then avoid the SRAM as the ratio gaps aren't as smooth as the shimano (I believe SRAM just stick a 34t sprocket on the same ratios as their 11-32 setup whereas Shimano alter all of the ratios to spread it out). If you're going 11-32 then it's less of an issue

I've just ordered a SRAM 11-32 for my 9 speed.

It came with an 11-34 but I never used the 34 gear as it was too low and I would prefer a smoother transition.

I recently replaced the rear cassette. Which was deore 9spd. stock Giant X3 gear.
I had been saving this one for a while and was blown away at how much lighter a cassette could be!
The SRAM 990 - 11-32 replaced the old deore 34.
The SRAM Cassette was 60 bucks on CRC and $100 on Wiggle.

At 256gms it's lighter than the SRAM 990 (275gms) Sticking out tongue

What's weight got to do with it when the SRAM 990 comes in a range of colours Sticking out tongue

Does it come in black?

EDIT: Oh only the frame is coloured not the sprockets themselves Sad

Yes but it still looks bling.

I just looked at the sram site and they have a new 9 spd cassette at 175g

Brian Said:

What's weight got to do with it when the SRAM 990 comes in a range of colours

Brian speaks the truth. Bling trumps weenie any day!

But coloured chain stuff gets scratched up and otherwise wears off. Doesn't really add anything in my opinion.

Just get XT everything and you will be sweet. Cheap, long lasting, and you can literally buy emergency replacements anywhere if you need it.

I run a sram 990 cassette (red of course) with 2 971 chains (swapped every 100 or so km). Cheap through CRC or Wiggle.

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