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Monarch R Rear Shock

By Rockz - Posted on 25 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just bought myself a 2012 Giant Anthem first dual-sus bike. Rides really well and soaks up the bumps nicely but just wondered where I can get air pressure settings? The front forks have a sticker on stating my weight & recommended air pressure but I cannot find any info on what to set the rear to - can anyone help me out please?


Just set sag ate 20% for the fork and 20 to 25% on the shock and refine from there. More often than not those recommended settings are way too high.

This is the job of the staff at the shop where you bought the bike! Not necessarily the exact sales person that did the transaction but at least one staff member should've;
a) talked you through how everything works
b) given tips to get the most out of the bike
c) set you up in terms of suspension pressures.
However, when a customer pushes for a discount, threatens to go elsewhere unless they receive one, then gets the discount, they often miss out on this vital service.
People, it's plain crazy to buy a bike from a shop to then get onto a forum to achieve the info you should've received purchase inclusive.

Damn straight! This is what your hard earned paid for! Go get your moneys worth.

get a shock pump and do it yourself. It is simple. I wiegh about 150 so I set the shock to 140psi. depending on your wieght add or subtract pressure until it feels right. Also buy a pump. You have to keep your suspension dialed.

Bikeshop should have talked you through it, but it's nice to have the info on hand to tune your set-up...

Goto the SRAM/Rockshox website and download manuals for your fork/shock info:


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