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Kowen Forest update for 26 Sep

By ps - Posted on 26 September 2011

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Kowen Forest

Perfect conditions for a quick lap of the mont course this morning

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It looks like you are doing a tour of canberra? I'm so jealous Smiling

Will start riding in the evenings once daylight saving kicks in.

Did feel obliged to post the status updates after Phil took the piss out of the cold mornings down here a few weeks ago. Wonder if he would like to swap a few crisp mornings for 100mm of rain now?

Even found out I enjoyed stomlo. Wasn't as rocky or slippery as I remembered.

Must've been the other Phil. I would never do that Sticking out tongue

Phil, if you speak to the other Phil let him know that todays lap was 5 minutes faster than yesterdays cause its still dry with perfect conditions down here.

Sounds great! Wish I was there. So you riding the full Mont loop down there? or one of the 'other' loops?

Although you can't start from Millpost Rd so they have extended it a bit to link up to the sparrow hill car park. There are also a few shorter options that don't include the cyclocross gates.

Phil, can you tell the other Phil to stop winding up Paul, because these updates he keeps posting are seriously making me stir crazy Evil

At least I got some laps in around Manly Dam last weekend before the heavens opened. Smiling

It may only have been six months since the race, but the number of new trails and track extensions appearing at East Kowen is off the charts and they are all great riding. Paul Cole is the main culprit here... devoting mountains of time so you can enjoy mountains of fun. The mysterious Kowalski Brothers kicked off their secret sessions recently with a little trail lovin' on Sideshow and Short Angry Blood Nut and last week had a route planning day. Stay tuned for a bunch of new trail in and around the front part of the Mont course from these guys in the coming months and rather cool things in the pipe for Beer Garden. With all this new work in progress, the Mont course promises to be full of new options.

Does Kowen and Sparrow Hill have signs/directions on the trail ? if not is it easy to get lost there ? planning to ride those areas this Sunday.

Sparrow Hill is well signed but Kowen you can get lost in.

Suggest you download the map from the 2012 Mont event, print it off, and stick it in your Camelbak, and if you have a garmin with mapping capability (705, 800) get the route file and load it on.

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