Lost Mob

By pikey - Posted on 08 October 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Lost NoBMoBers asking locals for directions


well if them photos weren't a way to make an injured man jealous i dont know what is, especially looking at the new girls bike that bruce has picked up. that bike looks sweet mate,
one sick boy here!!!!

As soon as your all healed up we will venture back down there for the "Gazza's come back ride". Cant believe its been a month already!

Do you know when you'll be back?

after xmas hopefully. at the moment my arms locked at 90 degrees and in desperate need of physio and i might also need another opp to repair nerves. got the ambulance bill of $696 yesterday. cant complain, them drugs were great! think i would have paid $6000 on the day to get me off that hill.

$696 eh... expensive! You did get morphine'd up to the eyeballs though (literally, your pupils were almost pinpricks)... it was worth it for the jokes that the ambo's were cracking as well!

didn't your mum tell you to change hands at 15?

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