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High Noon and Divine, Kiwarrak

By nifty - Posted on 25 October 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Some nice flowing sections in Kiwarrak, guided by the Mad Plumber

Something is wrong with the soundtrack. It appears to be all f#cked up. Fixed it by muting the volume. Video, seems to have survived, though.
Been a while since I have been up there. That kind of reminded me of the trails out the back. Would love to go back there, one day.

Hey Macr,

I used youtube's AudioSwap feature to overlay some music to the video. Is your comment because you don't like the music (which I'd understand - I'm not that happy with the one I've chosen but I got sick of trying to find something better) or do you genuinely not hear the music (instead some 'clicky' noises which is the raw audio - caused because the camera is mounted on the handlebars)?

I did some googling and seems youtube's Audioswap feature is not that reliable so guess I'll be avoiding that approach in the future.


It was a polite way to say that doof doof music really, really sux! Especially for videos to do with mountain biking.

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