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Faulty Garmin ANT+ HRM?

By Rob - Posted on 08 January 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey all,

When I went out for yesterday's ride I discovered the HRM wasn't working. This was a bit odd as it was working just fine 5 days earlier.

Can't blame the battery as I tried a new one later. Can't blame the Edge GPS as amusingly when another rider passed me it picked up their HR for just a second or so.

Has anyone else had a similar problem where the HRM just stopped working and been able to coax it back into life? I tried rescan on the Edge, tried changing batteries as discussed but suspect the simple answer is the HRM itself has just died for no good reason Sad

You never know... but at least if it's dead it's a good excuse to get a 'premium' HRM Eye-wink

Have you tried a firmware update? Additionally, does the HRM have an internal battery that needs replacing? Could be that simple

When I got mine, I ran into some problems ( which I also posted here...) but also phoned the Garmin office in Sydney( google them). I was diverted to a telephone assistant who took me through some basic checking which was helpful. I also updated all the firm ware etc.

It should still be under warranty....which is why I bought mine from a LBS so that I could return it hassle free...?

I haven't looked back!

What's a better excuse for an upgrade, go the premium Eye-wink

Sounds like chest the strap to me.

Is it the newer soft strap,, that is giving you issues? I have an Edge 800 which came with that strap and within about 18 months it was totally cactus. Have to purchase a new one and have resigned myself that that is probably going to be the case unless I can find another brand that is lasts longer. I do wear it most days but I would still have expected it to last a lot longer.

I had a chest strap fail when it was less than a year old. I just called the local garmin office and they logged a warranty claim and replaced it without any question.

..I have had similar problems with both my and Jenny's SRM crank.

Nothing wrong with them, no battery issues, but every now and again (maybe once a month) the SRM just decides not to link to the Garmin - leading me to beleive that the ANT+ technology isnt infallable.

It is odd, but then again - its nice to worry about the wattage for one ride every now and again!
Rob - if you need another chest strap, drop me a note. I think we have a fair few kicking around.

Thanks for the ideas, but: No - too old to be warranty. No - didn't update the firmware or anything. Yes - tried a new battery with no luck. It is the non-premium strap. Interestingly my old one (non-ANT+ sadly) that came with the 305 works fine still Sad

Resigned to the fact it's just dead. Perhaps I folded it up a bit too small after the ride?

Oh well - 64 bucks for a new premium isn't that bad for something that gets so much use.

BTW - I notice Timex make ANT+ straps for those that want to try and different brand but will stick with Garmin for now.

Ants - thanks for the offer but doh! See above - new premium one on the way.

Hi guys,
Talking about straps, I use a Polar Strap ( with my Garmin HRM, as I didn't like the garmin one (plastic/rubber against your skin). And I have been using the polar strap for more than one year now and no probs so far.

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