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Mont 24 Hour Wrap

By Rob - Posted on 28 October 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

What a weekend. Home now, completely buggered. Bring on next year? Laughing out loud

Please comment here (or in your blog, or in another event topic) on your experiences otherwise am sure the main thread will become overcrowded.

I checked the summary... not that it matters, but the winning team missed sending out another rider by 9 seconds, that's tough (or lucky depending on your point of view)!

To summarise our results:

MONT-y Python, 34 laps, 32nd/68 in Open Six Male
NoBMoB Monties, 31 laps, 47th/68 in Open Six Male
NoBMoB, 36 laps, 11th/47 in Open Six Mixed
NobMob Soft Shocks, 27 laps, 42nd/47 in Open Six Mixed

Well done all!

I'd like to especially thank the rest of my team for their supreme effort through the night allowing letting my injuries settle down (well, to a point). Will write more about this in a blog entry later.

Of course big thanks to all the rest of you for the autographed map and generous bling package Smiling

A special mention to Team UFO

66 out of 68 - we clocked up 17 official laps, plus a team lap.

A big improvement on last year when they gave us a DNF - we are in training for next year where we are going to go harder for longer.

Paul a more important statistic for your team is the number of alcoholic beverages consumed in 24hrs. I think you take 1st prize for that easily.

Before the stats thanks to the team for a top event, bring on next year ;-} I stuck around for the presentations and Evan will be disappointed to hear he would have picked up a luck draw Mont bag if he'd stuck around!

The NOBstats are:

- Fastest laps:

1 - Shaun "metronome" Wright - 33.03!
2 - Steve "treehugger" Knight - 34.15
3 - Steven "Whisperer" White - 34.33

- Most Laps:

1 - Matt "blowing his own trumpet..." P - 8 laps
Equal 2 - Shaun "mr consistency" Wright, Laurence "He flew in from Townsville!" McCook, Frank "Hairdresser?" Hoer - 7 laps

- Slowest lap: Evan "Just one more hour please" Davies - 3hours 46minutes - which may have included 3 hours of sleep...

- Most times you can say "That's so much fun" - Christine "I love night riding" Carter - innumerable ;-}

- Greenest - Steve "treehugger" Knight - who after discussing global warming with Laurence decided in the middle of a fast lap with Shaun that he'd go and hug some trees ;-}

See you next year!

I echo everyone's thoughts and comments, bring on next year.
Bugger about the Mont bag but you get that.
Thank you all for a great weekend and event. I think this will become a NobMob regular. It also look great to see everyone in their jerseys.

Awesome effort by all.

Big thanks to our captain, Matt, for allowing the team to sleep. Smiling

Note to self: next year, need to be faster and do more laps.


were not all done by him but by others on his bike?

Please explain.... Andrew Eye-wink

Lorrie didn't ride his bike once the whole weekend. He lost the bolt on his rear triangle pivot before he started the race and couldn't get a replacement.

In fact that team had a shocker with mechanicals. Another Specialized in that team had the chainstay snap off also before the race. So thats 2 bikes down.

Then Lorrie managed to rip the Brain shock off it's mount on his mate's bike.

All up not a good day out for the Specialized bikes in that team!

Oh and Greg has many a pic of this too Sticking out tongue

Yeah i had a shocker of the weekend. We got our name tag wrongs so the results had to be decoded. Our team did okay with all things considering. 4 newbies to a 24hr. 3 busted bikes. one fixed bike. Had to wait at the transistion area for a total time of 25mins, cause guys were late in getting there!

Bike break part 1 - On Friday afternoon. I lost the bolt that held the rear trinagle together on the rear axle, rear mech side of things on the warm up lap. So i spent sat morning driving around to shops trying to get the thing sorted. Not a good start to the weekend.

So I rode a large specialized stumpjumper for the weekend. (I'm only 5"8 ish) Trying to race a bike that you have never rode before is interesting - I felt like a kid on an oversized bike! needless to say the first lap was a shocker but i pulled a 42:38 lap. Did 5 laps in total.

Bike break part 2 - On Sat morning. A mate snapped his above mentioned crank arm off at the crank. He had a Specialized 2002(?)Enduro. This happened after we set up the tent and he had put his bike together and was just testing it out. But the lucky guy got to ride a new Specialized Carbon Enduro for the rest of the race

Bike Break part 3 - 4am lap. A branch landed inbetween and the spokes and the brain and ripped the brain off. It still works so we used zip ties to put it back on the bike.

So I spat the dummy and refused to ride. I mean how often do you break two bikes in one weekend??? But Christine gave me a lecture to get out and got for one more (THANKS CHRISTINE!!) so i put in a lap of 41:37 with the fixed brain and on my last lap.

In retrospective i loved the race, bring on the next one!


PS Rob i know you are just DYING to make a comment on Specialized bikes after this......

Really? Do they? Eye-wink

For those that are interested, pics of what Lorrie is talking about:

Broken Spec #1 Broken Spec #2 Broken Spec #3

So further comment is not necessary! Sticking out tongue

Stuart you cheeky bastad, remind us to phone you up later next 24hr ;-}

If they aint got NoBMoB in the team name they aint in the running. Though they must have been running after breaking all their bikes! I'll have to take a paint chip off one of those Specialised next I see one and test it for lead...

rob, look at the production year of both those models and you'll be hard pushed to find a bloody cannondale out there that old!

lost bolt.......blame the mechanic that services it,
busted're on the money there mate, very old frame that I am sure has seen many hard k's,
busted "brain" mount..........pure bad luck that could happen to anyone.

Rob, might I point out for all the campers out there unaware of your "previous" bike just how many times it went back into the shop to get the 1/2 a fork it had serviced, what was it, leaking seals all the time. Atleast 2 times that I know off in the space of 6 months and then you finally had to replace it with n+1

Just looking at the results a little closer a couple of us have noticed we've only been credited with 31 laps which is wrong, we did 32 which would make a slight change to our overall position. Craig's first double lap at 01:41:05 was in fact a combination of Brian's second lap on his double shift and Craig's first, number recorders must have missed Brian coming in. Still we enjoyed ourselves and even started discussing next year on the way home??

Dear, oh dear! Sticking out tongue

OK, I throw you back this time, don't do it again!

Team UFO (alias Team Lethargy) has a motto "Go big or go home". We beat our last year's tally with 72 beers, a bottle of zambucca, half a can of berocca and a few panadol. In between we knocked out a few laps (with some respectable times), spent time trackside offering encouragement and colourful comments to all passing riders, shot some funny video footage and generally socialised well.

Our final team lap in fancy dress was a little poor (I forgot my Buzz Lightyear costume) so next year expect something better.

We are thinking of expanding to two teams next year - a serious (drinking) team and an average (drinking) team, so keep us in mind for next year.


no one has said that OUR team was one rider short due to Liam being rushed off to hospital with an infected elbow - well, maybe not rushed, but he was taken off to hospital!
I would like to say thank you to everyone for a fantastic weekend, particularly my team - Steve and Ev did a great job cooking dinner Friday night - yes, Steve DID help and may even practise more- Tien, thank you for breakfast and Matt legend cook for dinner Saturday night - can anyone tell I am a foodie!!
Everyone was super patient with the grumpy early waker blame Whisperer for day one...yes, 8am he told me when it was 6.30! And sorry again Shaun for the 2am effort!... bloody Ev and his daylight savings!
I have to say, after my first lap, which I totally hated, I wondered why I ever said I would ride at the Mont.
However, after the second fantastic fun lap I would be keen to go next year if anyone can put up with my food obsession closely follwed by the 'will I ride again' mantra
George and I did return with someones black jumper and a green bowl - let me know if they are yours and I'll give them back.
Had a total ball and thank you Steve, Shaun and Caro for a fun drive home.
As for Pauls team - they were the entertainment - too funny!!!

MEEEE Smiling

Two little videos I took on the last lap at the last gully before the finish line.

Thanks everybody for the great weekend!
I don't think I have ever been so tired after a weekend before but it was well worth it!

Paul you definately get first price for entertainment! Couldn't believe that you were up quite early the next morning regardless!

Thanks everybody for setting up such a professional tent city! Smiling Was always great to come back from riding and find somebody there to chill out with.

Steve I think you brought the gas heater? Priceless!!!

Thank you to all of my team for the best time!
Whisperer, I think everytime I saw you on the weekend you were smiling and had something encouraging to say, awesome!

Loved my first night ride ever!

Thank you Christine and Steve for convoying me home!!! Lifesaving!


Credit to Rob Parbery for awesome pic!

He was lucky, I was very wobbly at that stage of the afternoon.

Alchemist - who hung around for the presentation to pick up trophy & prize (woot) and sober up for the drive home

Pro pics, such as they are, are here:

Can't find any of our team Sad

Have also written some spiel from my point of view here:

Other pictures being banded about are:

Am hanging out for to appear as they were apparently the 'official' photogs (which isn't so good 'cos their pricing policy sucks Sad)

This could be Mat?

Pic 0919917 ?

How dare they rip us off a lap... 32 laps as stated earlier in the thread.

The over 40's team were very pleased with our result (Ben was an honourary over 40). We were on pace to do 36 laps but when projecting out the schedule forgot to consider one big item...getting tired!

Many thanks to all my team for their enthusiasm and good humour and efforts.
Special thanks to Greg and Harry for making the camping experience extremely pleasant.
Paige (Ben's GF) deserves an award for bunking in with the sweaty (and smelly) fella's too.

Very enjoyable weekend. Thanks to all. Nice to see Gazza back on the bike weaving in and out of the tents.


unless someone's painted my helmet black and stolen one side of my forks ;-}


Now to decide whether the good ones are worth paying for...

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