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Broken Spec #2

By Rob - Posted on 29 October 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

MONT-y Python's broken specialized #2 - Rear stay snapped at crank and derailleur.


The obvious question (that I didn't think to ask at the time) was that you did try and fix Broken Spec #1 with bolt from this Broken Spec #2 now it no longer needed them?

Given #2's age they were probably completely different sizes, eh?

Tried that and all these options as well:

- Went to two nuts and bolts shops in canberra
- Went to the specialized dealer in Canberra
- Went to Bunnings with Harry
- Tried the mont's service guys
- Begged the specialized sponsors tent x 2 for a bolt
- Tried the bolt from the specialized enduro in my team

Although if anyone else in the mont was missing a bolt they would know who to blame!!

Can't bike companies keep things the same where possible??

It's all funny in retrospective!!!


PS its a 35mm M8 bolt with some weird kind a thread, allen key head, blah, blah blah

I have an old Bighit frame that looks like it has the same chainstay linkage and bolts - you're free to take it off me, i've got no need for it (the top tube has a crack in the weld but everything else is OK)

not my bike Eye-wink

I think it just wanted to be a Lefty

Lorrie you sure its 35mm M8?
That would signify the threat is M8 (metric) and 35mm long which would be easy to get..if its a weird thread it probably isnt M8 as you would already have discovered.
Was surprised to see that the same item from the other specialised bikes were different. Now thats silly.

Try an engineering place with thread gauges to get the specs or a fastener place like Ajax, who have everything!
I am sure you will be able to get a replacement.

If you then use loctite or the like be very careful which you use. Some of them when set are impossible to remove without a press and oxy.

Blue loctite is the go, you can get it in a glue stick. It's listed as "medium strength threadlocker" and the bolt can still be removed (after some work), unlike red which needs to be torched. Its product number is 248 and you can get it at lots of places, i bought mine from Repco for doing work on my car and it works great on brake mounting bolts and other bits and pieces. Handy little glue stick too.

The other place to try for bolts is an auto parts shop, or there is also a Coventry Fasteners in Artarmon just off Reserve Rd

but send me thru pics and i'll see if the bolts i have match up... do you need the chainstay linkage piece after the break?

loctite option.
There can be a number of different pitches for any given thread size, it may well still be a M8 thread but with a finer pitch.
Depending on where you are located you can also try Bomond trading in Brookvale or they have a shop in Mona Vale speciafically for stainless fasteners.

Thanks heaps guys that's great advice awesome!! I do seem to remember seeing a bit of blue on the occasional bolt that I buy brand new. sounds like an essential part of the toolkit.

That bike is now retired (which was not mine) so he wont be needing the chainstay but thanks for the offer!!

The brown stumpy will be up and running soon. But I do have a sneaking suspicion that its a specific MTB Specialized bit and yep it's SILLY!!!! that this part differs between specialized bikes

I just ordered a mount for the brain that snapped off an it's $70.

Andrew (he who breaks bikes and forever will be known as one who did)

between runs, you don't want to risk losing anymore "nuts" and bolts again

You dirty dirty man!!!!!!!!!!!! you couldn't resist could you?

and you know I wouldn't resist that one. Eye-wink

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