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Sore shoulders while riding

By Be lusty - Posted on 13 February 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just went out and bought a Trek Remedy 9 and with all this weather i haven’t been out as much..... So i m not sure if my shoulders and neck are getting sore from not enough riding or poor bike setup??? Anyone have any idea what this may be and how to fix it? The LBS di a quick fit but not sure he really knew what he was doing.

Had the bike a couple of weeks now, should I go back to the LBS???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've had a bike fit for my road bike and mtb at the Body Mechanic and I have definitely noticed the difference. I still get a sore shoulder on some rides but this is primarily caused by my work environment. I'm lazy and slouch but spend most of my day sat with my hand on a mouse, hence it's my right shoulder I have issues with.

Not sure if that could apply to you but just throwing it out there as something else to consider but a proper bike set-up is important.

BTW good choice of bike Eye-wink

I also have a Remedy 9 but yesterday I took my old bike for a spin to Terrey Hills and I ended up with sore shoulders (thing that I don't get with the trek one) but I think it was caused for the constant wheelies that I was doing in my attempt to remain dry! (failed BTW)

Aaron from Fusion Peak Cycle Fitting is worth a phone call to discuss your problem. As his web site says

If you have neck, back or knee pain, saddle soreness, hand or foot numbness, then your bike doesn't fit you properly...

And his specialty is Mountain Bikes Smiling

I have three different bikes Anthem, Reign and Intense M9 all with different handle bar widths.

The Anthem had 620 wide bars, Reign 710mm and M9 has 780mm bars.
I noticed riding the Anthem hurt my shoulder so I put 710mm bars on it and havent had any problems since.
I also really like the feeling even on an XC bike having my bars wider. It gives you much better controll.

yes indeed give Aaron a call.

Thanks all for your advice. Will definately look into calling Aaron. Hopefully its not that the bike cant be modifed to fit me!

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