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Self filmed

By Flynny - Posted on 03 March 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Got bored with the rain today. I really should have manned up and gone for a ride but lack of motivation had me editing this up instead.

I watched the whole thing which is a good sign your editing was spot on - where is that track hidden away?

All filmed around Lithgow and Rydal

Awesome footage and camera work! And great skills. Well done.

I've been wanting to get out to Lithgow for a while now; your video has sealed it! Smiling

Man up? Well, I am glad for the man-down and the time you spent making that edit instead. Lovely choice of musak with the natural flow of those trails. Do I see Donnybrook at the start? An awesome trail.
Yes, we have to ride out there in Lithgow soon. Smiling It is always such a natural, pristine feeling riding through the scrub with nothing but birds and insects around. It sure beats Manly Dam.

shooting back at your face....classic shot!

no donnybrook, ditty, Little bit of the gun club trail and Ch 6.

The first bit of ST on the donnybrook is very overgrown at the moment, all this rain and mild weather has seen an explosion in the undergrowth

Have you had the same sort of rain clobbering that the rest of Sydney has had over recent weeks?

I'm chomping at the bit for some long days of trail riding and was thinking a weekend up that way might be a good idea.

We've had a fair bit but most of the trails hold up very well. The bit in the green gully was filmed on Friday in between storms.

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