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Get a mental edge... participants needed

By jdb - Posted on 01 April 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Most athletes will tell you that performance is all in the mind but the really successful ones don’t just say it, they believe it and they do something about it.

Imagine having:
• Laser sharp concentration
• Unshakeable belief and confidence
• Supreme mental toughness
• Higher levels of motivation

My goal is to change the field of cycle coaching in Australia by not just focusing on physical fitness but working on mental toughness as well. Racing is all about making decisions, there is no point being supremely fit if you don't have the confidence to make use of it.

To get my accreditation I need to practice with 5 free clients 11 sessions over the next 11 weeks. Each session will take 1-1:30 hours, they can be done face to face, via phone or skype. My contact details are in my profile, please send me an email if you are interested.

For more info about me feel free to look at my blog posts.


I would have done this Jay but i'm going away for the next six weeks!
Good luck!
Mosman Hills when i get back?

After the win today looks like your in great form for the stage race.

Definitely have to hit up the Mosman Hills when you get back. I'll need the six weeks to get myself fit, starting my first block of training leading for the Scott in October. Have a goal to solo 350km in the race this year!

good luck with this Jay, hope it takes off for you.

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