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Roval Carbon 29er Rim

By Johnb - Posted on 20 April 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So was just prepping my 2011 S-works for the Pemberton race tomorrow and noticed a buckle in the front wheel, on closer inspection found a large crease in the rim, right inline with a spoke! the spoke appears to be pulling through the rim slightly. So she is pretty farked I'm thinking.

What to do?? I don't have a spare 29er rim. Can I just run a 26inch rim? thoughts? anyone have a spare lying around?

Also do you think there would be any sort of warranty or crash replacement through Specialized? at least a cheaper deal "I was just rind along when...."
I'm pretty disappointed, as nice as this bike is to ride it has been an absolute money pit Sad
Plus I weigh only slightly more than a box of tissues, so I'm pretty surprised its happened.

The roval rims are pretty unreliable, Steve 01 has broken his rear wheel a number of times.

As disappointing as it is, better to find it now than on the track when the hardpack is rushing up to meet your face.

On the face of it I'd say that's almost certainly a statutory warranty replacement under cnsumer law, but as that can take time to turn around, I'd be guessing if you want to keep riding that bike you will at best be looking at getting a loaner wheel from the shop or (more likely) investing in a slightly heavier duty (and heavier) "training" wheelset.

Can you borrow a wheelset or bike for the event?

I have already learnt that lesson! only just got new front teeth installed in my top jaw 2 weeks ago after kissing the road at 40clicks! that was an expensive exercise, so you can imagine how cautious I am now!
Trying to find a loaner 29er wheel, but not had any luck so far.

Unless you're a sponsored rider, I really believe that carbon rims belong only on the road. I've seen so many fail now it's ridiculous.

I'd be hitting up the shop for a loaner wheel if at all possible as every other option is going to cost you (i.e. a whole new rim or wheel at retail prices). You could run a 26er rim but that's going to feel mighty strange.

I taco'd the front Roval Control (alloy) on my Epic 29er going OTB at The Mont. It was a decent crash but I've had a lot worse on other bikes so whilst I wasn't surprised that it went out of true I was surprised that the rim was totaled. Something about all Rovals then?

Food for thought Gazza as the main upgrade that I thought of making to my Epic Expert (one down from the S-Works) was the wheelset and have considered the carbon Rovals. I'm definitely now thinking that there are excellent alloy wheels for probably less money that would be a much better option so thanks for the tip!

Are the go imo, bullet proof and super light as well.

Apprently the ENVE rims that come on the Dale 29er HT Ultimate are bombproof, but they are $2k a set.

I've been through one rim already in 6 months of ownership. They are awesome to ride but expensive to maintain. If i do another i'll have to buy a set of training wheels and save them for race day only as we do with the roadies.

Good luck with warranty...

How did you go with your wheel and did you get a loaner sorted or find another way around the issue? I can't get a rim before CP in Canberra this weekend (I can but it's red, call me vain but I didn't want a red rim on my nice black and white bike if I didn't have to!). Partly the shop didn't call me back but definitely mostly my fault for letting work and everything else get in the way of me following it up in time.

Anyway, the LBS that bought my Epic from is going to loan me a wheel for the weekend, thanks Manly Cycles! That's why I continue to buy whole bikes from a bike shop rather than online. There have been a few occasions with different bikes and different LBSs that I've needed to call in favour like this and it's damn handy to be able to do!

Still going to look at a Stan's Crest/DT Swiss combo as a second set though.

Had to redo the tape that seals the rim when tubeless on my Roval 29r - was shocked at the apalling rim finish the tape covered. Some sections looked as if they had carbon patched into it, there seemed to multiple joins. The nice smooth finish on the visible sections were not there on the inner rim the tape covered. Haven't had a failure yet but I'm light and don't hit things that hard. But the patchwork rough finish wasn't confidence inspiring.

How much do the Roval wheels weigh?
I've just had a set of 29er wheels built on Stans rims that are 1388g.
Now id call that pretty light!!!
Btw, Big thanks to Nick Both ( ZeBosch Wheels)

Carbon should be a lot stiffer than aluminium for equivalent weight which is why people want them. If you are a lightweight though becomes less of a factor.

Gazza - what hubs, spokes, and which Stan's rims, etc in the build? and if you don't mind the Q, what was the cost of them delivered?

I'm replacing my stuffed rim with a Stan's ZTR Crest and am then going to get another set made up using Crest rims and probably Hope Hubs and DT Swiss spokes, possibly double butted depending on the cost. I was thinking either Hope or DT Swiss hubs but the DT Swiss seem incredibly expensive. Any suggestions on what to go for in a Hope (or DT Swiss) hub? I'd like a pretty robust wheelset but it will also be aimed at racing.

Also, does ZeBosch build using the components you supply and anyone have a good wheel person who does who is in the Manly-Warringah area? Don't mind my wheels a minor true but owuld prfer to get them built by someone who really knows that they're doing!

I supplied the Hubs and he supplied the rest.
He's a top Wheel builder and really knows what he's doing.
Can't tell you the price as mine are Special rates! Eye-wink
The wheels are Crests, Sapim Lazer spokes( I think)
And Tune Hubs( 208g for rear and something stupid like 86 for the lefty Front!)
I'll have a word with him and ask if I can publish his number on here.

You already told us who he is and anyone remotely interested would have found him via google by now.

Tune hubs you say, these must be for Martine yeah, 'cause they have a weight limit that would rule you out. Smiling

Have you seen the Formula 29er wheels? Very nice for factor kit. Can't find pricing on them nor anyone that has them yet

I have wheels built by Nick as well, they are awesome.

Highly recomend Nick as a wheelbuilder, I was having problems with my Powertap build, Nick rebuilt it, with a new rim and CX Ray spokes and its been awesome ever since.

Those wheels are light. Any prices?
Nicks website is down but if anyone's interested they can contact him on

While you are at it, check out the Easton EA90 XC 29er wheels.

Sturdy and lighter than TWE wheels (according to Greg). Had them for 14 months and they are as true as the first day.

But Hans, they still have red hubs that clash with the Molteni Orange.....

If you want a stiff, bullet proof rim, Velocity P35's are the go. They weigh more bare than a 29er Crest front wheel, but ....

I haven't yet been able to find a price for them anywhere BUT, they are Italian, they are new, they are Formula, they are bling AND they are light so I'm guessing a $1 a gram or more is not out of the question

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