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2012 Capital Punishment

By Brian - Posted on 30 April 2012

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This was my first Capital Punishment. It looks like I picked the perfect year for weather and track conditions as both were brilliant. Its a bit of a weird race with such a big untimed section. I used this to get water and have a bit of a rest. Due to the single track at the start a really suffered in the last 40km as I didn't eat enough in the beginning.

Apart from a massive OTB on the Luge I quite enjoyed this one. A shame that the results are delayed but I have my unofficial time of around 04:37:00 taking out the untimed section.

Now onto the Convict 100 assuming my body heals in time as my hand can't handle any pressure right now Sad

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Now for the main event this weekend !

Ice and Nurofen to settle the inflamation, and Hirudoid Cream for the bruises Eye-wink

I can't take anti-inflammatories due to a condition I have so I just have to wait for my body to fix itself.

Well done Brian. That is one awesome time! I guess it speaks of loads of time you've spent on single track. It's a different kind of riding for sure.

I also enjoyed the conditions, but spent WAY more time than you doing it! (Where does one find 'embarrassed face' ...? Smiling)

Doing the Convict 100 this weekend also? Trust all heals good in time. Enjoy it.

Well done again Brian ! Hopefully you are all ok for the Convict

Nice riding Brian. Agree on all that singletrack, it was absolutely fantastic to ride but it definitely made eating a challenge and threw out my race plan. Also ended up not eating for ages and then cramming too much in when I had the chance. Best of luck this weekend!

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