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Capital Punishment 2012

By daveh - Posted on 01 May 2012

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Absolute corker of a day for racing, the tracks were in great condition, the organisers had worked in some of Sparrow and removed the horrible paddocks near the airport. I had put myself in group three which seemed like a mistake but positioned myself near the front so it was actually pretty good having a reasonably clear track.

Unfortunately, for some reason I was riding like an absolute gumby, it felt like I was steering a truck and I was all over the place. About 400 metres into the first singletrack I took a corner too wide, hit the sandy edge, the front wheel washed out and I took some skin off the knees and shins. It didn't feel like it was going to be a great day and I just wasn't feeling comfortable at all. This was a real shame as I love Kowen but just wasn't enjoying it all that much. Stopped at the first feed station as my bottle cage was almost coming off so decided I may as well fill up and have something to eat.

Pretty much felt like this until about 50 kms when I hit Majura and sat on someone's wheel for a while. Started seeing the track and riding a lot better and really enjoyed Majura (how could you not ?!). Stopped for a minute to fill the water bottle at the final feed station but otherwise pretty uneventful for the rest of the race. Never really hooked up with a group for any length of time which makes it a bit tougher. Love Stromlo, it's such an awesome way to finish an event. I even like the climb, switchbacks aren't a bad way to go up a hill and that decent is just so much fun as a reward for getting up there.

Sort of didn't feel like the best day out but I can't complain about the time. Next year will be about finding my groove sooner, taking advantage of the untimed section so that I don't need to stop at the feed stations at all and getting down to 4 hours. Maybe need to think about the bike set-up before the next enduro so that I feel more comfortable. Seat height? Bar width? Tyre pressure? Maybe just harden up!

Must have been so much easier with a seat this year.

Well done mate !

Great ride Dave, looks like that truck was still moving along pretty quickly all the way.

The Convict is awaiting you !

My "loaner" front wheel has gone back and am now waiting for a new wheel to be built (going for a Crest as recommended). The parents are also back in town so will be spending the weekend with a beer and a barbecue and maybe a few laps of the Dam! Next year, for sure.

The next race for me should be the The Husky pending work commitments. Anyone going in the Wollombi Wild Ride? Looks like a few semi-decent climbs more than a whole lot of singletrack. Might be easy to convince the family to spend a weekend in the Hunter!

Break out the 26er. It can be a retro ride.
The beers taste better after 100k’s!

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