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Capital Punishment 100

By doc - Posted on 02 May 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Capital Punishment 2012 Take2
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Well the plan was not to enter this race, but changed my mind with the race talk going around and the conditions looking good. Ended up getting an 11th hour transfer and was not disappointed.
The course was great and managed to keep a good pace most of the time after my usual slow start. Sure was hard pushing through Majura after not eating snacks through single trail and waiting for the untimed section. Definitely a unique experience having such a long break through the untimed section, was good to refuel but funny how it felt colder than at the start line.
Slow start again for the Black Mountain climb but I hadnt realised it was only short rise and then long gradual descent from there so should have pushed harder. Cramps were lurking but just kept it steady without an efforts and was on the Stromlo descent in no time. All good except for navigating through the slower 50K riders and then at the bottom hooked a pedal in blackberry or similar and ouch - tensed up as got pulled off line and both legs spasmed in cramp and couldnt pedal until almost rolled to a stop.
Really enjoyed the course and couldnt ask for better weather for the day. Thanks to the organisors for making it all happen and congrats to all those other mobbers for some really great results.

Great riding Dave. I couldn't hold your rear wheel when you over took me. One more race and then at least we get a break before the next one.

Nice time. Must have something to do with that awesome hotel that you stayed in the night before. BTW, thanks for the beer back at Kowen, owe you one. Best of luck and enjoy this weekend!

Given you have ridden the convict course a couple of times - you will smash it this week.

See you out there !

nice time Dave ,well done. good luck at convict .

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