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And the ugly bike award winner is...

By hawkeye - Posted on 22 September 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

... well, you'll have to read the review article to find out Eye-wink

Had a lot of fun riding it, really enjoyed it.

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It's in the URL Eye-wink

Yeah, not exactly clean lines, more Konaesque or industrial revolution pump engine!
Also, it's a lot of dosh for an aluminium framed bike with what is essentially a Horst link 4 bar suspension design despite superlatives like ICT.
That said, the design is well proven and obviously works even better with the addition of new shock technology. The builds offered are also well thought out so as an off the peg bike it doesn't look as if it needs much in the way of tweaking.

Personally I'd like to try the new Tallboy LT before buying it.

they used to-do they still?

At least the ellsworth has the wheel and brakes working as a four bar link.

The Kona had four bars but slung them so it still worked as an older generation single pivot with a low pivot point relative to the chain. This is at the expense of pedalling efficiency.

Note that new generation single pivots are much better than the older ones as the pivot point is higher in line with the chain tension.

Unfortunately the deal-killer was the lack of accessible water bottle cage ... have gotten used to riding without a backpack on my midweek training rides and am looking to ditch the camelbak for lap racing like The Mont and anything I get roped into with mates at Yellowmundee. Sad

Custom colours are available - anodised purple FTW! I had a ball riding it. Do you think that leaks out in the review? Eye-wink

I've only had a short play on Hans's bike because I get nervous about not staying connected to his flat pedals with my cleated shoes, but I think the Tallboy is an excellent bike too. The rear suspension has very little bob when pedalling regardless of which ring you're in.

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