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bike rack mounted on tow ball

By MTB4ME - Posted on 28 September 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

New to site.
Is forum search available?
Looking for bike rack for 4 bikes to mount on tow ball.
If you can recommend any I would appreciate it.
Family guy - so will have kids bikes as well
Easy and quick install/removal would be good.
cost hope to get at <$200
looking at
- Thule 9708 - straps used to secure bikes
- Pacific A frame - velcro straps used to secure bikes
- Another A frame FX4T - screw down bike clamp - sold through Repco

Ideally liek to try a few but this is the next best option.
Only just started looking
Thanks in advance

I have the pacific. All good but it does rotate a bit. This is only a minor issue.

Beware the cheap screw-down A-frame type. I had one that suspended the bikes from a "beak" style clamp onto the bike's top tube...

The bikes used to swing in the slipstream, and knock into each other, and it used to take ages to fit the bikes on to try (ultimately unsuccessfully) to eliminate that. So I'd lose paint from them hitting each other, or the clamp taking it off, as the bike moved around, or both. Gah! Sad

The towbar ones with the thick foam rubber-coated twin horizontal arms would be a better choice.

A frame screw down destroy your bikes very quickly and when on the freeway eg 110km/h the bikes move around and bang into each other. Nightmare to fit 4 bikes on as well.

I would eliminate that one and look at the Velcro strap model or the Thule.

P.S. just type what you are looking for into the search function and it will bring up results

I've got the Rhino RBC008. Heavy duty and built to last. Probably more of a semi permanent solution, not a whip on/whip off. I have it permanently attached to a removable hitch which makes it easy, and use a spare hitch for trailering when needed.

Q spear style is another solid proposition.

Thanks for your advice.
I'm leaning towards the thule or rhino
Will check out time to mount/remove on/off ball.
Can these be locked to the ball to prevent theft?

i have one of these, if your in the newcastle region and can pick up its yours for $40, as i have a ute and dont need it

thanks marto will keep that in mind.
also looking at tilt function as we have a van.

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