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Hope Pro 2 freehub body

By kitttheknightrider - Posted on 14 October 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So I finally sat down to build up a bike.

Hope Pro 11 hubs with 9mm QR rear. The cassette tool is a tight fit between the inside of the lock ring and the 9mm spacer but does fit in. Do up the cassette lock ring. Wiggle the tool side to side to pull it off and the whole free hub body and cassette comes with it.

I can't for the life of me find anything that holds the free hub body to the hub other than the little o ring inside the 9mm qr spacer. Had a look at the hope page and there seems to be a nut for the 10mm and 12mm versions but nothing for the 9mm QR.

Is this right or am I missing something both literally and in the tech page?

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I think this is correct. Its the same on my hope pro 2 rear hub.
Never cause any problems for me.
It all holds together when the axle is done up

Yes the Pro 2 freehub can be removed with no tools. In fact I just did it on Saturday.

The frame plus QR will hold it together just fine.

Thanks guys.
Time to rebuild the brand new hub and find a cassette spanner that fits over the qr spacer better.

Here's a video of how to service it

Cheers Ben.
All back together and with the help of the dremel removing a bees nat of material from the inside of the cassette socket I now have a cassette fitted to a cassette barrel which is actually still attached to the rear hub. Smiling

I've used Hope hubs for over 10 yrs now but did the same thing a while back on a Pro 2 then buggered up the large ring seal when I pushed it back together forcefully without first removing the cassette & gently reseating the ring.
For me it's only the pawls & eventually the bearings that wear out & these are easily replaced. Overall a good hub.

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