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Help to find Stans rimstrips urgent

By arghvee - Posted on 08 November 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

JUst changing to Schwalbe RR/NN snakeskin Tubeless ready after using the old nonTL ones.

I use the standard stans rimstrips. I cannot get them to seat. They inflated, but even at 60psi , just wont pop out and seat.

Some quick checking shows the new TL tyres have a bigger bead, and may not seat with the standard rimstrip. The strop does fit very snuggly under the edge of the rim. Some suggested using the smaller Olympic rim strip.

BUT i need to buy tomorrow Friday in Sydney somewhere. Anyone know a LBS (north/city/east) that carries stans strips??

Need to fling sunday. Many thanks

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what rims are you using, and is it a 26" or 29" wheel?

If its a 29" wheel, you could make your own rim strips using a 26" inner tube. That way you can create the perfect width of rim-strip with a scalpel.
I have to admit, it seems like an odd problem.
Worst case - go back to the old tyres - low chance of sidewall damage at The Fling ayway, and then sort it out when you are under less pressure...

bought some of the yellow Stan's rim tape from City Bike Depot earlier this week.comes in two widths.
I'm sure Hugh can sort you out with a tubeless valve to go with it and you're all set.
It's a lighter setup than the rimstrip too. I've had this setup first with a Rocket Ron/Racing Ralph combo and now running X-King/Race King. All on standard DT XR 4.2Ds. Never had an issue and only needed to replace the tape because I broke a spoke.

Yeah, just use rim tape.

Also, sometimes tyres won't "pop" onto the bead. Sometimes they just seat and they are done. Have a look around the tyre when it's inflated and look at the thin moulding line that runs parallel to the bead about a few mm in. If this is bsicly even and visable all the way around, then the tyre should be seated. If it isn't and dips in behind the rim in places, then it isn't.

If it hasn't beaded at 60psi, then either your guage is wrong, or something else is wrong. Try and little bit of soapy water or some sort of lubricant that will dry out/evaporate.

All sorted. One had seated, no 'pop'. I'd expected like the last few tyres.
The other had not, and some good LBS advice, fiddling with the rimstrip to keep it centred, extra detergent, got it on. No 'pop'.
A good lesson !
thanks all.

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