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Disappointing outcome

By Lach - Posted on 19 January 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Duo Classic
Team Curry Club
Did not finish
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Super Masters (50+) – Male, Female, Mixed

Great opportunity to ride some sweet Sparrow Hill and Kowen single track, for a good cause (fundraising for Bec Henderson), in an interesting format (team pairs - ride with your buddy). Two x 25 km loops, passing through the event centre twice each lap.
Spoilt for me (and my team mate) by the imposition of a previously unannounced or even foreshadowed cut off time. There was a mention of it in an e mail sent out late Friday, well after I'd left for the ACT, but even that described the cut off as TBA.
After a 9.30 am start, we got pulled out of the race at about 3/4 race distance at about 12.15 pm. Plenty of daylight left, but maybe they were spooked by a need (again, previously undisclosed), to be bumped out of the event centre by 4.00 pm? We were on track to finish by about 1.15 pm, so I have no real idea why it was done, and no explanation other than "that was what they had decided" was offered at the time.
I'm not the fastest rider in the pack, but I've finished every event I've entered, except for the infamously wet 2010 Capital Punishment, a Rocky Trail event at Stromlo and an 8 hr solo attempt at Lithgow, where on both occasions my back gave out on me.
So very disappointed at this arbitrary act, which denied us a second run through the great Kowen section. We left the event with a sour taste in the mouth - and it wasn't just the dust.....

That is extraordinary Lach, I can see why you'd be very disappointed with the organisers. If they are going to enforce cutoff times they should tell you before you register. If you completed 3 quarters of the race in under 3 hours, I imagine there woud have been quite a few people behind you too.

Such poor form on their part

Hi Lachlan,

I would have been in the same boat as you on that one. It would have taken me about 4 hours to do the 50km.

Anyway, you may like to try the WSMTB Summer Series 4 Hour. Round 3 on Saturday 16 Feb is a twilight at Mt Annan BG, 6pm - 10pm. Details available soon on and also here on NobMob.

Ray Rice

... interestingly enough, I was looking at the calendar earlier today to see if there was an event in February that I could use for some training motivation leading up to the Capital Punishment, and the WSMTB 4 hr event looked about right. Need to get some lights for a couple of other things I want to do this year, so it'd be good to have a night hit out as well. Might well be there......

... got a response from the organisers of the race this weekend. Very apologetic for the unannounced cut-off. Have offered free entry in 2014 and a free Rubena tyre each for my team mate and I. That's a pretty positive outcome, so hats' off to the Hendersons......

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