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Corflute sheets for bike box

By Runo - Posted on 23 January 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys,

does anyone know where I can find corflute sheet 2440mm x 1220mm 8mm thick (or at least 5mm) around Sydney ?
I want to build my own bike box following that template :



They should have stock, or be able to order it for you - it should also be reasonably cheap...

I know you can get it at NS Timber who have stores at Chatswood, Warriewood and Thornleigh ( or Hardware and General at Brookvale.

I was going to say the same thing .. alternatively hit up the Sea Eagles in a month and ask for Joey. See if they have any old ground signage they don't want. Tell him Aaron said to ask.

I'll check the NS Timber shop first and see what they have.
Thanks Aaron, I'll do that if I can't get it in the shop.

H&G at Brookvale definitely have it, we get it from there to use on site for protecting floors.

From what I have seen so far around Sydney, 8mm in nearly impossible, 5mm sometimes, but mostly in Victoria...

Just checked what we have here;- 2.5mm 1800x900. Quite a bit thinner and smaller than what you want.

They should be able to order it in for you though. It might just take a couple of days.

I'll be in touch with them and let you know what they have. Someone else may be keen to do that box also who knows Smiling

I've just given them a ring and they only do 1800x1200. (Same as we have here, not 1800x900 as said earlier)

None of their suppliers do the larger size, so they can't order any in. The guy at H&G said it is available but not very popular and recommended googling it!

Sorry I couldn't help. That box does look good though. I'd be interested to know if you get the materials and how much they cost.


I could have rung as well. Thanks for that.
Hmmm so I don't know. I agree the overall cost could be quite expensive after buying sheets, rivets, glue ...
Those guys are selling quite a similar one for 175AUD

I tought I could save few dollars if I do it myself.... Maybe not.
Which one would you reckon so ? I am not a frequent flyer but I have few races in QLD and will have to fly over there. First I thought of using an used cardbox for a bike shop and then decided to be a bit smarter and have my own box so I could fit a bit more than the bike (such as PFD, helmet ...) and save few kg at the check in

I may go there and see if they don't have refurbished sheets...

I got some from a place around the corner from Warringah mall. 5mm stuff. very tough.
I cant recall the name of the place but found it on the net.
More friendly and helpful than all plastics I thought.

Looks like they are around Warringah Mall and theirwebsite mentions they are selling corflute
"We supply corflute sheets for builders and hobby enthusiasts or people renovating." Looks like I am in this category Smiling)

I will cal them after the long we.
Cheers mate

Allplastics in chatswood will sell them for that price :
5mm sheet 2440 x 1220 x 5mm $35.00 + GST each
10mm sheet would be far more substantial and stronger for your use. $90.00 + GST each.

With the extra cost for industrial glue etc ... This provider may be the best option :

100$ + 30$ shipment...

The pre-made box looks like a much better option, cheap than the raw materials and saves the time making it. I think I'll be investing in one next time I take my bike away.

I have 8mm coreflute sheets 2000x1000 for $20 in Canberra. Was sports signage so supergraphics on one side white on the other.

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