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By Chriso29er - Posted on 14 March 2013

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HEY guys new to the sport and im riding a ktm ultra x 29er. im just seeking some advice i find the bike seems to throw me over the handle bars very easily compared to riding friends 26ers.I was wondering if this is a common problem with 29ers or my bike in particular and if any thing can be done to fix this problem.. e.g new bars etc

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Going over the bars tends to indicate weight is too far forward, so you want to look at that and see how high and forward your bars are. Shorter stems with a slight raise will reduce this and bring you up a bit, but they can sometimes make the front wheel lift on climbs (easily fixed with technique) and twitchier steering. Again not a bad thing and some prefer this.

Next to the stem there is most likely spacers. If the spacers are on top if the stem, you can take off your stem and place the spacers underneath and this will raise your handle bar height. You can also flip your stem over to again raise the handle bar height if it isn't already. This will help shift your weight back and reduce the otb feeling.

Have you tried slowing the rebound down on the forks, I found that slowing this down changed the handling quite significantly in this regard.

If it's flicking you over so easily, Id tend to think its more rider than bike...
Will need a bit more info as to how it's happening. Are you hitting rocks and coming to a dead stop, are you landing jumps nose/tail heavy?
Every scenario could have a different solution, but with a bad position and skill, any bike will be rubbish.

Slow rebound on the front is more likely to pack it down over successive hits and send you over the bars... you want to err a little on rhe fast side on the front rebound.

What the other guys said about bar height and stem length. Steep front geometry and a forward weight bias will also contribute. Don't know the bike nor what your mates are riding so hard to be more specific. It is not a function of wheel size.

Edit: had a look, nice entry level 29er hardtail. Looks like they don't publish frame geometry Sad

Maybe a dropper seat post? Might help with the descents.

How tall are you and what size is the bike?

When I first started riding, I was recommended by a mate to get a large framed bike. I started riding regularly with a different group of guys and after going over the bars on multiple occasions every ride, they told me to get a medium frame bike. I got myself a medium frame and swapped out all my components. Almost instantly i stopped going over the bars. It went from 2-3 times a ride to once every 10 or more rides. Sag and rebound was set correctly as a group effort. lol

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