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Cap 50

By Lach - Posted on 16 March 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Capital Punishment 2013
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Pleasant temps and a bit of misty drizzle for the start. Organisation at the new start was pretty good, with rider briefings in the car park followed by a short ride down to the start line. The initial fire trail hills in the Arboretum were a bit of a slog and left my legs feeling a bit dead. Should have warmed up properly eh?
This year we got to ride the concrete causeway over the Molongolo and there was a new underpass to get us across Cotter Rd. Both improvements. Hit the first sniggle at Stromlo at about 14 km, and struggled a bit for the first 50 metres as I'd forgotten to unlock the front suspension. A remote lockout would be good....
Stromlo was pretty dusty, but there had been some good work done on some bits of the track. Skyline and Luge were a hoot again this year, even more fun as part of a large train. Then we settled down for a fair slog around mostly fire trail around the back of Stromlo before about 10 kms of sniggle to finish with. Finished reasonably strong, making up about 50 places from the bottom of the descent (probably mostly by not stopping at the feed station Smiling
Improved my overall position by some 80 places on last year and moved up a couple of places in SuperVets, which was pleasing, especially as I'm getting towards the upper end of that age range Eye-wink

Great to improve your position by so many places Lach, riding those LCNP hills seems to have paid off!

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