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Best XCM result yet.

By jp - Posted on 16 March 2013

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Capital Punishment 2013
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Lined up in the first start wave at 6:50am, with about 65 other riders... sun wasn't up yet, and with plenty of nervous anticipation and high expectations for the new course, waited for the start. Off we went, with a bit of flat fire trail leading straight into a couple of small climbs. With plenty of dust flying around and a bit of fog about, I had very limited visibility through my dark-tinted glasses. Lesson learned - wear clear lenses next time! I basically held my position towards the back of this group for a while as we rode the first 14km of fire trail and bike paths to Stromlo, but found that I was passing a few people on the climbs. This first section did a great job of stringing out the field - by the time we hit the Stromlo singletrack we were nicely spread out. I maintained a steady pace up the Stromlo climb in a small group, just passing one or two along the way. Then came Skyline and Luge. I love this section, but descending is not my strength - I offered to let a couple of riders get in front of me then chased them down the mountain at a speed that was right on the limit of my technical ability - with no rear suspension I was bouncing around a bit and at one point managed to lock up the rear wheel and ride sideways through a bermed corner, but made it to the bottom in one piece and without getting passed. Whew. Then onto a short firetrail climb where I passed a couple more people, including the top 2 placed female riders. Up til now I'd been feeling ok but not great, so had a caffeinated gel and immediately started to feel better. Feeling very little fatigue and with only 25 km to go I decided it was time to turn up the pace. The second half of the race was a blast - plenty of singletrack, and fast firetrails - it was never boring! I kept setting my sights on groups ahead of me with a goal to catch and pass them. With 5km to go I realised I still had plenty left in the tank, and on relatively easy singletrack decided to keep it in the big ring and crank it up as much as I could. Gave it everything I had and improved my position by a few more places before hitting the finish line. My goal this year was for a top 10 place in my category in one of the major XCM races, so very happy to have achieved it in my first race of the year. I worked pretty hard over Summer (hills, sprints and singletrack technique), and it definitely seems to have paid off. Next race is Convict - cant wait!

...and reward for hard work.
How weird was it with that dust and misty drizzle at the same time? It did have an effect on the vision, but I sort of got used to it (smoke tint rather than dark glasses). However, I was amazed how much better I could see when I cleaned the lenses after the finish.

Nice work jp

Thanks Lach & Brian.

How was your race Brian?

2:16 - That's an average of 22km/h.

Well done; Best wishes in convict! 50 or 100km?

50 for me...

Sound like you had a blast JP !

I went better then last year which was good. I just did a quick write up here

Well done JP. Your training has paid off. Convict this year you will be close to the 2 hour mark.
I will teach you how to go down, if you can teach me how to go up.

Sounds like a plan.

I'm no expert here, just speaking from my experience and what I've read.

I found that high cadence help me climb better. Just gotta find the right gear ratio between maintaining a high cadence and not losing grip on the rear wheel.
More often than not your muscle will fatigue/fail faster than you're cardio system. If you ride up long hills with big gears and low cadence, the chances are your leg muscles will will fail before you run out of breath. I noticed that during the race on Saturday, unfortunately the guys that I overtook up the hills chased me down on the down and twisty bits.

Putting the EPO's and other drugs that Lance took aside, if you watch him climb up the Alpe D'Huez he's also a fan of the high cadence technique.

Now, can I also take some lessons from you on how to go downhill Smiling

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