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Capital Punishment 2013

By Dicko - Posted on 18 March 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Capital Punishment 2013
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The Capital Punishment is not one of my favourite races. Maybe it was the first years mud fest, or a combination of timed / untimed sections, or the logistical challenges involved with the event.

I had found myself entering this race again this year as it is important race as the first race in the XCM series. But with the XCM series being cancelled / put on hold this year I was lacking motivation for the event. Though after a good result last week at the Willo, I wanted to backup again and get some more race practice before the Marathon Champs next month.

After some encouraging words from Ant, and a quick pre-race warmup, I found myself at the start line, and positioned myself in the second/third row back. This race is a hard one tactically, basically a race of two parts, and tracks with lots of local knowledge. Based on this I decided to sit close to a Canberra local, and use someone else's knowledge to get me through to Stromlo. Once at Stromlo it was anyones race. So with that in mind I positioned myself next to Garry James, and planned to sit in for the ride.

The race started hectic as usual, but I quickly found my rhythm and entered into the first single track in around 50th overall. The first sections of single track were all familiar and I could hold a steady to fast pace through these sections. Over to Sparrow we headed, and Garry then moved in front to lead through the next section of single track. For what seemed like ages we twisted away through the single track at sparrow all fairly uneventful, and I found myself enjoying the track and rhythm. Sparrow ST is slightly rougher and more raw then Kowen, and I found the Specialized Epic perfect soaking up the small bumps even though I had the system locked out, the Brain technology really does all the work to manage the suspension letting the rider to concentrate on just racing.

As we entered the last bit of Sparrow ST, we now caught the lead Super Masters and Masters riders, and were sitting in about 30 - 40th overall. Pretty good for a bunch of old blokes. We stuck together as a group of 5 for the next 40km, very civilised swapping turns, slowing down a little to feed/drink. The track markings were challenging in some areas and it was good to be in a small group to share the navigational challenges. As we hit the final part of the first stage through the military area - 'BANG' - Garry's rear tyre blew as he had a puncture. With that he stopped to fix it, and we rode away, making the most of any time opportunity that we could get. One thing in MTB'g is constant, all is fair but when a podium position is on offer take advantage where you can. Before the beginning of the untimed section, I made the most of the last rocky climb, to accumulate a 10 - 20 secs advantage over our group. Any time gaps I could bank now would come in handy for the next section of course.

Waiting at the untimed section I felt very privileged with Ant Shippard and Kyle Ward (Kyle pulled out early in the race after 2 flats) waiting with food / water. A quick bike service and I was ready to go again. Thanks guys. A couple of minutes later Jenny Fay came down the hill. After a quick chat, we decided to head through the untimed section together, and pair up with a strong group to head over to Stromlo. Once we arrived at the end of the untimed section and start of stage 2, we met up with a group of the elite riders. Jen, knowing all the guys said come on Wayne, lets head out with these boys. I must admit I was a little reluctant to head off knowing how fast these boys would drive the hills and fire roads.

They started off fast, and I quickly found myself at the back of the group just 'holding' on. Jen was holding her own - god she is strong. By the time we made it to the new arboretum I was red lining. The new long fireroad climb was too much and the elastic broke and I dropped off the back of the elite group. For the next 5km or so, I found myself pushing mainly solo to the base of Stromlo. Looking at my splits afterwards I think I lost around 1:30min here recovering from the earlier exertion.

Once at Stromlo, I was back in familiar territory, and even though I thought I was climbing slowly, I got my third fastest time up the Stromlo ascent. With that I pointed straight back down, and hit the freshly groomed skyline and luge picking up my fastest descent ever off the mountain. At the finish line was my wife, Jenny, Ant and Kyle were waiting - Jen finishing about 30 secs ahead of me.

Having completed the last section without my fellow Masters, I had no idea how I had gone compared to them. It transpired that they had completed the last section around 1:30mins faster then me, relegating me again to 4th position in category and 41st overall. Not a bad result - but still no podium this year !

I am now working out with the quality of the fields this year across all categories, the top 5 riders are pretty much as fit as each other. It is the small things and decisions made through the race that decides the final outcomes - oh and a bit of luck goes a long way as well !

Thanks to my wife, for not only driving to Canberra, but getting up a 5am to take me to race start and driving and waiting 4 hrs to cheer and support me on the other side. Ant / Kyle - best support crew I could ever want Smiling Ant for keeping me on the program ! Jen - I need to do more power intervals to keep up with you !

Looking forward to an easier week this week, and catching up with friends with some fun - but fast laps at the Mont. Look out for a new Mont team this Friday - Lupine Racing - watch this space !

Another great write up Dicko and a fantastic result.

Well done Wayne. Don't worry, you'll be on the podium for a marathon before the year is out.

Great riding again Wayne, I agree with Brian, that podium place is imminent.. well done

Good to see your going fast enough to have to worry about tactics. Keep it up.

Fast enough for my category, it would be good to be a little faster overall.

That last 10% is always the hardest to extract !

fantastic result super D,you will get that podium but it doesn't really matter because your race performances this year have been incredible!

Well done Dicko !

Oh so close, that podium is teasing you. But seriously another great result and congrats.

I let you get away a bit this week but you are still way too bloody quick Eye-wink

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