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By Steve_85 - Posted on 24 May 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I am looking for some feedback from people who use Bike Boxes/Bags for transporting their bikes, particularly by air. I'd be really keen to hear what solutions people with larger framed, full-suspension bikes have, particular 29ers. I have a Cannondale Scalpel 29er in an XL frame and am searching for a bike box/bag that I can get it into with out have to break it into its component pieces. I think I would prefer a hard/semi hard case to offer a little more protection for the bike.

Any suggestion as to what to go for would be great, especially if you can fit your Cannondale Scalpel 29er in it!



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I use the Evoc bag for my large Pivot 429 bike. The first pack takes a bit but once you've worked it out it takes about a minute. I haven't had any damage to the bike or bag in 2 interstate trips so far.
I would buy it again.

Simple, efficient, durable

I have an XL FLash, but used to ride an XL Epic (both 29er) and the EVOC just swallowed them up.
I do a fair bit of flying to races and have noticed at airports now that EVOC really is the dominant choice by pretty much everyone.

I would recommend it. I am not sponsored by them either..

I was just about to post a similar question! Have a 3 week trip to Queenstown planned for March next year and was wondering what my large Camber 29er would fit into!

Cardboard box: no handles so baggage crew can't throw it and they are super lightweight and cheap.

Just watch the weight of the hard cases, some are ten kilos or more which will put you over the weight limit unless you have a really light bike.

I used a mates Dakine bag for my Rotorua trip. It worked very well but as has been mentioned, these hard internal cases can be heavy.

My XL Mojo HD with HD bit and bobs, plus robust tyres hit the 27kg mark. Add to that some extra packing foam, riding tops (for padding and tying things together), I just scraped over 30kg. Thankfully a quick joke with the check in staff (both trips) allowed me to ge away without excess fees.

Some sage words of advice are to get something with drag wheels. Getting my luggage to the hire car place would have been a major PITA without handles and drag wheels.

You could look at what this guy is up to:

Like the old adage goes, double your money and half your clothing. I took almost everything to wear in my hand luggage and even with enough clothing for four days, i could have got away with less (showers...the other fromt loading washing machine).
Thankfully I'm built like a rugby second rower so I can make an overweight, over stuffed travel case look small and light!

Plenty of good advice in this thread.

Bike bags are nice but they do weigh quite a bit. A carboard box from the LBS is the lightest and is free.

Plently of tape especially on the edges and usuing your clothes for protection works well. The tip to seal the box handles up is a good one as these tend to get ripped by the handlers creating an opening for items to fall out.

I made made the box as compact as possible making it easier to wheel around on a trolley and to be able to fit through doorways easier.

Qweenstown is an awsome place. I highly recommend getting out with QBT hitting up rude rock and zoot track, bringing along a spare set of pads if you are planning to ride skyline a fair bit and phoning your order in to Fergburger to save the wait.

For my trip to Rotorua I got a free box from LBS. To fit the bike in I had to remove the front wheel, the handle bars, pedals and the seat (all fit in the box with the rest of the bike). I put cardboard in the brake callipers and taped the handle bars to the forks (brake lines still attached) to prevent it rattling around. Put the loose bolts and peddles in a plastic bag to keep it all together. I also managed to fit in the box one of those bike racks that fits to any car (worked a treat on the hire car). All weighed in under my 23kg luggage allowance. Customs at the other end cut the top open to check the tyres for organic matter. Folded up the box and kept it in the boot for the return trip.

I also used a cardboard box going over to Christchurch without too many dramas.

The piece of advice I'd give is, take your brake discs off. When I got to NZ my front disc had been bent, presumably where another piece of luggage had been put on top.

Mountain bikes are generally pretty tough, you think how many times yours has bounced down the trail after you've stacked it and it's been ok. A short trip across the Tasman in a luggage hold should be no problem.

Of the 14 of us who recently traveled together to South Africa for the Sani2c, there were no less than 8 or 9 Evocs.

Swallowed 29ers with ease as well as some extra gear - depending on what weight you wanted to stick to. Bag weighs about 9kg, give or take a little. I purchased earlier this year from CRC and can't fault it.

Hi, can anyone tell me how much it is to bring a bike to rotorua if correctly packed in a bike box and under 23kgs


Depends on the airline, Qantas was free and then I paid another $35 dollars for an additional 23kg bag.

In a bike box under 23kgs?

All the airlines have this info on their website.

The charges for international have recently changed with Qantas, which now charges $52 per 5kg for excess. Do the sums, that adds up pretty quick! Sadly, that also includes NZ.

Haven't read closely, but if traveling with others (i.e. family) it might be possible to have your bike bag as a normal (but oversize) luggage piece.

Bike in a bike bag like an EVOC, would be very close to 23kg, depending on the weight of the bike. Coming back from SA I was up to 29, but that included some clothes, camelbak, gels etc.

Still $35 for one piece prepaid up to 23kg to NZ, but yeah, don't go over 23 and pay at the airport.

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