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How to park your road bike

... not so great respect for the team vehicle...

I reckon that even if I could get my mtb up onto the bonnet successfully, I'd probably stove in the windscreen rather than make it onto the roof Sad
..... and I probably wouldn't have paid the windscreen excess waiver....

LOL....yea I think my bonnet is out of alminium.....I recond I can bend it by just looking at it.
Not hat I have te skill to do this anyway my car is not really suitable for that it has a soft top.

Looking at the ease in his body movements when viewed from inside the car then looking at the height of the bonnet from outside, even on a Mtb he would have had to do a big hop to get on that car, never mind making it look so easy on a road bike.
I recon there was another crew member there to remove a plywood ramp before the cameraman got out of the car?

Gaz is on the money
He barely shifts his weight forward to get the back wheel up onto the bonnet

& just as I was giving some respect to those shaved legged roadies.....

.. just "special FX"

Yeah, I looked at again a few times last night and you can see he puts zero effort into getting the rear wheel up, he just rolls it.

Still a great visual joke. Smiling

There were a few drivers the other week I'd liked to have tried that on Eye-wink

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