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Highland Fling / Urban Polaris Logistics

By craigs - Posted on 30 September 2005

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I thought it might be an idea to keep the plans for these two big events in a forum. So we can ride together, look out for one another, stay together.
I know that I am not sure who is doing what with who and staying where etc....
So the plan is to keep a running score of whats doing in a table format or the likes.
Here is my info for the events. Feel free to add your details.

Highland Fling (looking for a third person for the 100k team event)
Team: Fork n Wheel
Status: Entered Paid
Team Members: Craig Leigh XXXXXX
Accomodation: Craig Camping?? Leigh Bundanoon Hotel
Arrive: Saturday arvo

Urban Polaris (Team not finalised)
Team: ??
Status: Not Entered Finalising Team
Team Members: Craig Leigh(Not sure Yet)
Accomodation: None yet
Arrive: Dont know yet.

I'm cycling the Fling solo, but teaming up with Greg (Pike) for the Polaris.

Think camping is the go for the Fling and have a one man tent, small stove, etc. for that.

Has anyone suggestions for Polaris accomodation?

I'm open for surgestions for accomodation for the fling, I think a comfy motel would be better than camping in the pony club grounds but I'm happy to go with the flow.

As for the Polaris Gavin and Ryan have already booked a place but I can't remember where, I'll stay in their motel separate room Eye-wink though. Robin, any ideas?


Erm... OK. Well, if someone can find a motel, etc. near enough for the fling I'll come along. True that a real bed might be nice.

I'm sure there will be more options for Canberra so will await the decision from those who've done this event before.

Will shop around here tomorrow to find a place close to the event


I found three similar options

Bundernoon Country Club $85-$100 per double
YHA $55 per single (bookings near full)
Bundanoon Hotel (room & shower) $58 per single

How many people are going that still need accomodation?
As we are running out of time please add your name to this forum so we can make a booking this week.


Hi, I will confirm this week what I will do for accomodation.
Easy either way, if there are any campers I can meet up. I have a van thats good to sleep in.
Leigh is already booked at the Hotel.


Dear All

Thank you for registering for the VAUDE Highland Fling! Please find below some useful information about the event.


On October 10 we reached the 500 rider mark and those that registered by this date will receive the free VAUDE pack! These will be given out at Rego.


There are currently a tad over 600 riders registered and we will close entries when we reach 700 riders, so encourage your mates to get their entries in quick to ensure their spot!


We are pleased to announce that lunch is included in the entry fee at the VAUDE Highland Fling. Exeter School P&C, well known for their catering exploits, are providing a pasta dish, baked potato, bread roll, and muffin for each competitor which will be available on Ferndale Oval after you finish! They will also have a selection of food available to purchase, more info under ‘Event Catering’ below.


Changes to entries can be made up until Monday 7 November. The latest list of entries is on the website, please check that your name is there and that your category is correct. Please note that no changes can be made to entry details after this date.


Event final details will be sent out via email two weeks before the Fling. They will also be available to download from the web at this time.


There will be two mass starts to the event, as follows:

7.30am: Full Flingers (excluding Elite)

8.00am: Elite Full Flingers, Half a Fling, Flinging Threesomes

There will be a riders briefing at 7.00am at which all riders must be present.


Hopefully you will have noted the two 5 minute timing breaks at the Wingello transition area in order for Full Flingers and Flinging Threesomes to safely cross the level crossing. Half Flingers do not cross the level crossing and therefore do not get this break. So that you understand exactly what is happening, please read the route description on the website.


We will be awarding prizes for the best Highland Fling costumes, so don’t forget your sporran and bagpipes!


We hear from the local accommodation providers that they are filling up fast! So, get in quick if you haven’t already booked – check out the website for info on where to stay. For those camping at the Pony Club, there’s no need to book, you can just turn up anytime from 1.00-10.00pm on Saturday 12 November and volunteers from the Pony Club will be there to collect a $5/person camping fee and show you where to camp. Toilets and water available.


There are several options for dinner on Saturday 12 November, listed below. Most of them will also be open for dinner on Friday and Sunday evenings if you’re here for the weekend.

Café de Railleur/Ye Olde Bike Shoppe – smorgasbord (dinner on Sat only)

Bundanoon Club – bistro

The Primula Café – pizza, burgers, fish’n’chips

Bundanoon Hotel – carvery, a la carte, pizza

Bundanoon Chinese Restaurant

It is recommended that you book for meals at the Café de Railleur (02 4883 6043) or the Hotel (02 4883 6005).


There will be a movie, The Triplets of Belleville, showing at 8.00pm on Saturday 12 November at the Bundanoon Hall (next door to Rego). Proceeds ($8/adult, $5/child) go to the Bundanoon Community Development Association.

The Triplets of Belleville is a wonderful and slightly bizarre animated film about a boy, Champion, whose grandmother buys him a puppy and a bike to alleviate his loneliness. Champion grows up to compete in the Tour de France but he is kidnapped during the race! Grandmother and Bruno the mutt come to the rescue along with the Triplets of Belleville, a singing trio long past their heyday. Register for the Fling, grab a feed then head off to the cinema!

And if you’re keen for a bit of musical entertainment, the Bundanoon Club is putting on a band on the Saturday evening.


Steve and the team from Legend Cycles in Moss Vale will be at the event to provide mechanical support and spare parts. Steve will be at Café de Railleur on the evening of Saturday 12 November. On Sunday he’ll be at the Race Start from 6am and will then move to the transition area at Bill O’Reilly Oval, Wingello, where he’ll be from 8.30am – 3.00pm.


The Bundanoon Soccer Club will be selling breakfast at Ferndale Oval (Start/Finish) from 5.30-9.00am on the Sunday morning. They will have a wide range of food from cereal & fruit to bacon, eggs and pancakes. They will also be selling soft/sports drinks throughout the day. The Espresso Mobile Café will also be there to give you that all-important caffeine fix!

Wingello School P&C will be providing food/drinks down at the transition area at Bill O’Reilly Oval, Wingello, from 8.30am-3.30pm. They will be selling sandwiches, egg & bacon rolls, cakes and drinks. The General Store at Wingello will also be open throughout the day.

Back at Ferndale Oval, Exeter School will be putting on the lunch from 11.00am. They will also be selling meat and salad hamburgers, cakes, chips and choccy bars for spectators and those requiring further sustenance! The Soccer Club will be looking after the cold drinks side of things except for the Bar which will be run by the Bundanoon Club.

Look forward to seeing all you Flingers and your supporters in the Southern Highlands.

The VAUDE Highland Fling is sponsored by VAUDE, Forests NSW, Specialized, Ground Effect and supported by PowerBar and Maxxis Tyres.

Fiona Dick

Event Coordinator

Wild Horizons
Polaris Events, The Highland Fling, Tours, Cycle/Outdoor Gear, City2City, 4Wheels4Sean

PO Box 218
NSW 2578

Tel 02 4883 6509 (Int +61 2 4883 6509)
Fax 02 4883 6239 (int +61 2 4883 6239)

Wild Horizons is a trading name of Huw Kingston Pty Ltd
ABN 96 113 675 639

Has anyone found some cheap but nice accommodation for the Saturday night before the Polaris yet please? Somewhere near the start would be ideal. Unfortunately I won't be able to afford to hobnob with the likes of the sponsors five star digs - but at least I can still afford to NobMob with them!

I believe we are all sorted out for accom. I am at Bundanoon hotel with Greg, Leigh and Robin.
I am expecting to be there about 4pm unless the majority suggests otherwise.
Anyone have any important issues to discuss before the weekend?



Hi Flingers,

Leigh and I treked down to Wingello on Saturday to check out the 44km loop in the forest. We were lucky to meet up with a crew of 10 or so well kitted out with compass, GPS, topo maps and so on. This turned out to be a lucky break.
It was a nice cloudy day of 15 degrees. Some drizzle with mist and fog through most of the journey. The first 15Km of the loop is mostly fire trail, quite fast and some great down hill. Averaged 22Km/h here and top speed of 52Km/h.
Then the first climb out of a lush valley. Quite long up to a new plateau. This will get the blood pumping. Couple of nice fast sections with some great downhill. By now we were waiting for half way hill. There are a couple of teasers along the way and the halfway hill almost sneaks up on you. It's big but not impossible, definately 5 busted lungs. You get to the peak in the middle and although there is some relief you know that there is another climb just a short decent ahead. This was the big surprise! The climb out of the second dip comes into some very lush area with lots of pretty pink flowers. Looks are decieving. The ground underneath was damp loamy clay that sticks to everything like shit to your shoe. Impossible to ride. Slippery as hell and clogged up everything to the point wheels wouldnt turn. That made even pushing the bike hard. So walking was a challenge as well. If it's still damp on the day carry the bike trust me! Took us probably 30 mins to clear the mud enough to get the wheels turning and gears changing. From here it gradually clears out and rises up to some forest trails and then gravel roads. The final blast back to transition is hard packed clay.
So overall its not too bad.
There are probably 3 really serious climbs and the long climbs towards the end can be tough if you are hard on the gas.
There is no single track in this section at all.
There are some tricky bits that will catch out the crazy ones. The first real fast down hill has a 90 degree turn after a water bar for example.
With the massive amounts of navigation (there were no signs or markings up yet) and stop-start it took us 7 hours for the 44kms. Ride time was more like 3-3.5. It's a really nice ride. I would say the pace will be on however as its easy to edge up the speed on the good quality trails!! Drank about 3.5 litres ate lots of snakes and museli bars on the way. Normal breakfast in the AM. Mini lunch before we began. No problems with anything!
Rumour has it there is much more technical stuff and single trail in the other sections. Should be a blast!
We would have been stuffed had we not teamed up with the other crew. Learnt a very important lesson about trekking in the woods for the first time.
PS. Protective eyewear is a must!! Much dirt and mud.

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