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Cars-v-Bikes War Tonight on 7

By GiantNut - Posted on 18 August 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Prob more for roadies but then again we all get on the roads sometimes.....Saw a promo that Channel Seven Sunday night tonight August 18th has a story on " The War between Cars and Cyclists" Only watched that show once and realised its sensationalist rubbish so expect the same tonight.
I find I only get one d/head per 50 cars that pass me... too close, overtake on a blind corner or crest of hill to avoid waiting 5 seconds etc. I'm biased but think we should have the same laws as in Denmark where if a car hits a cyclist they are in the wrong unless the cyclist was doing something illegal like running a red light.
I worry about Aust when you get commentators like Alan Jones, Derryn Hinch inciting hatred towards vulnerable road users. Imagine if this was the gay community - oh that's right there are laws stopping that.

Anyway I declare bullsh*t bingo when you here;

They don't pay rego

Any others??


Will be interesting. Derryn with his "cockroaches on wheels" line is just scary but then we have an ex V8 supercars driver telling him to stfu and stop interrupting whom I know used to cycle a lot for race driver fitness training. Also lots of bike cam footage and a tagline that it could change people's minds.

My main concern is that these programs raise the temperature on the road all by themselves... they keep the so called war bubbling along. Without them I find relations with drivers settles down nicely and commuting is usually pretty good. With them airing and the round of tabloid oneupmanship from other channels that ensues, it rapidly goes to shit and people get hurt or killed.

Ray Hadley and Alan Jones had been rabbitting on with their bike hate in the weeks prior to my being deliberately hit in 2009. The ramp up in aggression towards cyclists was obvious. Since then I've noticed the same cycle each time.

I doubt I'll be riding this week due to my infected shin but I've gotten the gopros out and they'll be going back on the bike for the commute.

Oh and I think your observation about vilifying minorities and out groups is profoundly on the money.

don't pay rego and don't have licences are my two favourites ,only problem is most of us do pay rego and have licences, shit I currently pay 4 rego's.

The point about comparing this to sexual orientation, race, religious views, etc. is probably spot on, but there's nothing illegal is stating your opinion in public, no matter how misguided the view, or the motive (which in this case is simply to be contentious and boost ratings).

You have to feel sorry for people who make their living feeding off hatred rather than trying to find good in the world.

Please don't feed the monster. Don't even bother watching. Life is too short to waste your time on some idiot spewing this rubbish.

Headline on the show I see reads, "Chris Bath leads a team of Australia's best reporters, breaking the stories that matter." Erm... I think not!

I just don't want to get f@)&ing wound up by the dickhead haters!

Obvious ploy to drive up their viewer numbers. Turn off and don't give them the views.

and Derryn Hinch? seriously. The guy did some good work against pedos in the 90s but otherwise he hasn't been relevant for a good 15 years

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