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29er Tandemanium

By Muninjitsu - Posted on 20 August 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well the long awaited 29er has arrived and had its maiden voyage Sunday night. Congrats to stokes on his new steed. All I can say is....."its a beast to ride". If you thought the 26" was quick on the dirt, then this machine just eats up all the bumps.
Thanks to Kerry at Phantom for building it up for us, its a nice machine.
With the 202cm ice techs it pulls up really well, and the fox floats in unison with the thud buster make for a nice combination in smoothing the trails.


What a beast, can't wait to see it in action.

202mm discs not cm!

That's cool Char, yeah when will we see it on the dirt? I couldn't hold you guys with the old one so got no chance now.

That is the shiz!

Phantom Cycles Kerry is a top bloke too. More than helpful.

It's the cycling equivalent of the B-double...You'll need air horns char to get us out of the way!

Very cool, enjoy the ride!

Well the 29er is no more a 29er. Had clearance issues with the back wheel. We now have a 650b. 27.5" wheels are a much happier combination. It now cuts into the corners really well and is still damn fast on the dirt.

What width can you run? 27.5"/650b front too?

We have 650b both ends. 2.20 Maxis Ikon front and rear. It hugs the corners like a roller coaster. It's a trial wheel set, getting a set of 36 spoke made up.

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