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Bike Fit - have you done it? Was it worth it?

By jpack - Posted on 02 September 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,
As the topic suggests, Has anyone tried bike fit?
- What was your experience with it?
- Was it worth it?
- where did you get it done?

1: Yes
2: Yes
3: The body mechanic at Milsons Point.

He's not in the same class as Steve Hogg whom I've also seen but getting on to Steve takes months and I needed quick attention. I'd still recommend him as he is able to advise rehab exercises to address any issues with your action, being a qualified physio, where Steve will refer you to the excellent Martin Krause.

The outcomes for me were increased power output almost immediately, resolution of knee pain and a final incremental improvement in lower back discomfort I'd been battling for awhile. I got that last lower back improvement when I lowered the saddle a couple of mm from his setting, which was up a fair way from before I went to see him (22mm, which is massive). I'm fine with that as there is always a little fine tuning.

If you're interested I could post before and after links to vids he shot of me.

@hawkeye - please do post links to videos. I'd be very interested to see

He knows his stuff

The question of the dollars?

Are you having issues?

I'm getting pain on the medial anterior aspect of my right knee every time I ride more than ~20km.

Also been doing a lot of fast pace running (~50km/week @ sub 4min/km) which is giving me tightness on the
Proximal end (near the hip) of my ITB and a bit of mid/lower back discomfort (not pain, more a bruised feeling).
- I am seeing a physio for the running related issues, but I'm only just getting back into MTB after about 4 months off.



I can't remember what it cost but a good chunk (a third?) was reimbursed by my health fund

Parts are extra. If you want to borrow a bunch of different bars in different heights let me know. Then you can buy off the web later at your leisure.

Just saw the post about running. They also do gait analysis for runners.

Was in Milsons Point yesterday so dropped in for a chat. They really seem to know their stuff, I plan on getting a bike fit when I have upgraded my MTB in the next month or so. The session is around 2hrs, 1hr checking you over from a physio prospective (flexibility, core strength, etc) & 1hr on the trainer doing the bike setup. Cost is $330 for 1 bike. I ride both road & mtn so plan on getting set up on both which will cost $420 for a 3hr session. Hope that helps.
BTW.. looking at upgrading to either a Cannondale Carbon 1 or Trek Fuel EX 9.8 in 29er. Any thoughts/experience, anyone??

Had one for over a year now.
Awesome bike!!!

Sorry.. yes the Scalpel

Love mine. Goes like a rocket. But quite a different bike to the Trek Fuel. What kind of riding do you usually do?

Do a few 100km, 8hr either solo or pair & a 24hr team of 4-6 during the year. Most of my riding/training is Ourimbah & Awaba MTB tracks or Dubbo Gully/Convict trail for longer k's.
Hope to test ride both bikes, the Scalpel is a higher spec'd bike with XO & carbon wheels & with the price my LBS will do it's only $600 more than the Trek with XT.

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